Jane Lynch talks alcoholism and being on TV

By Julie DeVito

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Jane Lynch talks alcoholism and being on TV

Jane Lynch isn’t all insults, like her character Sue Sylvester in Fox’s hit television show, “Glee” would have you believe. And no, she doesn’t always wear a tracksuit.

Tuesday, Lynch spoke at a New York Barnes & Noble about her new autobiography “Happy Accidents.”

“I bled from the ears many days,” Lynch said. “Writing does not come easy to me. It goes against my wiring to sit in front of something and think and ponder.”

Lynch’s new novel chronicles her struggle with alcohol addiction in the years prior to “Glee” and describes her new wife, Lara Embry. After her battle with the bottle, Lynch turned to nightly NyQuil consumption to help her reach what she termed oblivion.

Having regained control of her life, Lynch is grateful for the two most important accidents she has ever had: meeting her wife and having her other show, “Party Down,” canceled, allowing her to accept her role on “Glee.”

Her memoir also brings light to the complexity of emotions she experienced while coming to terms with her sexuality. She, like many LGBTQ youth, felt alienated, and turned to destructive habits and a judgmental streak.

But Lynch learned to find comfort in comedy. She believes she comes from a family of funny people.
“I became kind of a scientist about funny early on,” Lynch said. “I began to focus on why some things are funnier one way than another way.”

Before leaving Barnes & Noble, Lynch offered a quick piece of advice.

“I didn’t sit around and wait for anybody,” she said. “I was out doing it. Do, do, do, do. To wait for something that crazy to happen is a waste of your life force.”

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