Is ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ really the end for ‘Twilight?’

By Laura Burdine

Daily Trojan, U. Southern California via UWIRE

Want another reason the world is definitely going to end in 2012?

Twilight producers are looking to extend the story beyond the Breaking Dawn Part 2 supposed finale this November. Yes, you read that right, the cinematic abuse that people call “Twilight films” are continuing beyond the 2012 finale that corresponds with the conclusion of the books.

Though the films may be abysmal to most film buffs and people in general, the plans to extend the series are actually not much of a surprise considering that despite receiving condemnation from most critics, the films bring in loads and loads of money. Jon Feltheimer, Lionsgate chief executive, anticipates Breaking Dawn Part 2 to exceed the U.S. $700-million dollar box office gross of Breaking Dawn Part 1.

With a cash cow like that, it is not difficult to fathom why producers are eager to extend the series.  That does not, however, make it any more palatable.

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