Column: Signing Manning threatens Tebow’s future

By Chris Shaw

Daily Evergreen, Washington State U. via UWIRE

With the signing of Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow’s future with the team seems even less certain. Instead of having Tebow run touchdowns for them next year, the Broncos seem to be considering running him out of town.

Coach John Fox and John Elway, the executive vice president of football operations for the team, do not understand that Manning and Tebow could work together to bring the city a championship.
The Broncos have apparently offered Manning a five-year contract worth $90 million, according to The Denver Post.
Manning will turn 36 on March 24, meaning that this contract will keep him in Denver until he is 41. Even with the rules protecting quarterbacks these days, Manning probably will not play that long, especially since his neck has already been weakened by past injury.
The Broncos have a unique set of players on their roster though. After signing Manning, odds are they will only need him for three or four years. Manning will start and make the receivers in Denver look like Pro Bowlers, as he did with those he had in Indianapolis.
Keeping Tebow on the roster along with Manning could benefit the Broncos in two ways.
First, Manning could mentor Tebow, who signed a five-year contract in 2010, according to The Denver Post. Tebow could then use what he learned to help the Broncos win after Manning leaves.
Manning is a seasoned veteran with a Super Bowl championship who has experienced consistent success as a pocket passer. Tebow runs wildly and struggles with accuracy. In practices, Manning could teach Tebow anything from throwing mechanics to tricks of studying other teams. On the field, the pupil would watch the professor and learn by example.
Secondly, Tebow could play as a tailback, giving the Broncos the option to utilize Tebow’s dynamic skill set in the wildcat offense. In this formation, Manning would line up as the quarterback in the shotgun, while Tebow would stand next to Manning, able to receive a direct snap from the center or a handoff from Manning.
It would confuse defenses and provide a lethal offensive combination. In both the 2010 and 2011 seasons with the Broncos, Tebow rushed for six touchdowns and averaged more than five yards per carry, according to ESPN. His 12 touchdown passes last season were not astonishing, but production like that in the wildcat offense would complement Manning well.
Manning’s reputation as an elite quarterback precedes him. He has averaged more than 4,000 passing yards in every season since 2006, and threw for 33 touchdowns in both 2009 and 2010, according to ESPN.
If the Broncos want to win a championship, they would be wise to keep Tebow and have him be mentored by Manning. The NFL is changing and innovative schemes like the wildcat offense can bring those who use it well to glory.
Whether Tebow still has running room in Denver remains to be seen, but the combination of Manning and Tebow could give the Broncos exactly the type of run they want: a championship run.

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