Jindal warns residents to ‘prepare for the worst’

By Megan Dunbar

The Daily Reveille, Louisiana State U. via UWIRE

Jindal warns residents to ‘prepare for the worst’

Gov. Bobby Jindal reminded residents in a press conference Monday to stay safe as Tropical Storm Isaac makes its way toward Louisiana. The state is prepared with 1.2 million Meals Ready to Eat, 1.4 million bottles of water and more than 10,000 tarps on hand, he said.

During the conference, Jindal stressed that every storm is different, and tropical storm Isaac should not be compared to Gustav or Ike.

Isaac has proved less predictable than Gustav, he said, and he reminded Louisianians that everyone within its possible cone of influence should be making preparations.

State offices will be closed today and tomorrow. Jindal said he will not attend the Republican National Conference in Tampa, Fla.

“The storm is non-partisan,” he said. “After we have gotten back on our feet, there will be time for party politics.”

Jindal said East Baton Rouge Parish and surrounding areas stand a 70 percent chance of feeling tropical storm-force winds.

The chance of Baton Rouge feeling hurricane force winds is 10 to 18 percent, he said.

Jindal urged citizens to take Isaac seriously. He said the storm is moving slowly, which could result in the accumulation of damage over 20-24 hours of tropical storm-force winds and rain.

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Governor Rick Perry of Texas have both offered assistance to the state as it prepares for Isaac.

Mississippi and Louisiana both have made preparations to put contra-flow into effect, but Jindal said he does not expect to need these measures.

12 of the 18 drilling rigs off the Louisiana coastline are being evacuated.

Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne said anyone looking to volunteer to help with preparation operations or after the storm with clean-up can find open positions at volunteerlouisiana.gov.

Jindal closed by reminding Louisiana citizens to “hope for the best while preparing for the worst.”

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