Top 25 Public Relations Firms on Social Media in 2013


Public relations is a quickly changing field, and little in technology has had as much impact on the industry as social media has.

A decline in print journalism, broadcast radio, and even television has shaken the PR world, but public relations firms who are investing more time and energy into social media are less likely to worry about these technological upheavals. Social media is beginning to play a critical role in reaching customers, so if you’re looking for someone to handle your PR, you should look for a firm that understands social, and holds it at the top of its priority list.

Here are the 25 most successful PR firms on social media in 2013, and some of the ways they set themselves apart:

25. Golin Harris International

Twitter | Facebook

After getting their first client in 1956, Golin Harris has continued to build on that success as the representative for companies like Dow Checmical, McDonald’s, and PetSmart. Golin Harris does a great job on Twitter responding to their fans and customers, and shares fun and personal updates on their Facebook page.

24. APCO Worldwide

Twitter | Facebook

APCO serves many large, worldwide business clients like Sprint and Applied Materials. Besides sharing a wide range of public relations industry news, they cover issues in woman owned businesses, and photos from events they host.


Twitter | Facebook

With clients in industries like health, hospitality, and consumer products, Blaze PR has gathered almost 6000 followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook respectively. They keep their Facebook fans engaged by asking questions about social media and consumer-related news, and post company updates and advice from around the web on their Twitter account.

22. New Media Strategies

Twitter | Facebook

Since 1999, New Media Strategies (NMS for short) has worked with some major brands like NBC, Adobe, and Domino’s Pizza. Besides managing over 129 social media accounts for clients, they manage their own Facebook and Twitter pages handily as well.

21. MWW Group

Twitter | Facebook

MWW has experience in a wide range of consumer public relations campaigns, and their client list is pretty varied as well. They keep followers up to date with updates from their blog, job openings, and industry related news through both Twitter and Facebook. They also do a good job listening and retweeting people on Twitter.

20. República

Twitter | Facebook

With a focus on cross-cultural campaigns, República offers its clients a wide range of services including social media, advertising, and public relations. Through social media, they showcase awards they receive and highlight relevant news from across the internet.

19. rbb Public Relations

Twitter | Facebook

Among numerous other awards, rbb is also the first public relations firm on this list to crack 7000 fans and followers combined. They stay very engaged with their followers on Twitter, and post lots of fun photos and office updates on Facebook.

18. Trylon SMR

Twitter | Facebook

Trylon’s clients include some of the best names in technology and media. They operate the NY Convergence Blog, where they have over 7300 fans and followers. On both networks, they share news about New York, technology, and startups throughout the day.

17. Max Borges Agency

Twitter | Facebook

While most firms on this list take on a variety of clients, Max Borges focuses completely on tech companies like Philips, ThinkGeek, and MSI Laptops. Their Twitter and Facebook streams are filled with interesting gadget and tech news, and they also do a great job responding to customers and fans.

16. Text 100 Global PR

Twitter | Facebook

Text 100 shares content from it’s own blog (known as Hypertext), as well as from digital communications outlets around the web. They also know to keep their social presence loose, and have fun. Their laid back culture has no doubt helped them gain hip clients like MTV, Skype, Ikea, and Activision.

15. NKPR Inc

Twitter | Facebook

By taking an individualized approach to public relations, NKPR has landed clients like Anne Klein and Skyy Vodka as well as a wide range of consumer-facing brands. Natasha Koifman (the company’s founder) operates their Twitter account, and does an excellent job giving her updates in a personal and well thought out way. It’s no surprise that NKPR has over 8500 followers on Twitter alone.

14. Gregory FCA

Twitter | Facebook

Based in Philadelphia, Gregory’s clients include a wide range of national and international brands. Their award winning campaign in content marketing sets them apart, but so does their solid use of social media. Like many PR firms on this list, Gregory does a great job highlighting industry news on social media as well as recognizing their customers and fans.

13. Waggener Edstrom Worldwide

Twitter | Facebook

Using a mix of traditional and new media, Waggener Edstrom specializes in bringing engagement to their clients, but they’ve also made sure to get some engagement themselves on social media. With around 9500 fans and followers, Waggener Edstrom engages their audience with a mix of fun and interesting news as well as company updates.

12. Hill & Knowlton

Twitter | Facebook

With offices in over 50 countries, the people at Hill & Knowlton certainly stay busy. Still, they haven’t forgotten about social media, where they share a variety of tips for PR professionals as well as job listings and interactions with their customers.

11. Audible Treats

Twitter | Facebook

Brooklyn based Audible Treats offers unique PR services to musicians and artists looking to get the word out through both online and print distribution. Both their Facebook and Twitter accounts are great for audiophiles to keep up with the latest up-and-coming artists, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been able to garner a following of over 11,000 since their founding in 2004.

10. Porter Novelli

Twitter | Facebook

Porter Novelli has some of the most recognizable clients in this list (Pepsi, HP, and Pampers to name a few), and their international presence has garnered them many awards. On social media, they do a great job keeping up with social media, content marketing, and public relations news, especially as it relates to digital technologies.


9. 5W Public Relations

Twitter | Facebook

With offices in New York and Los Angeles, 5W has a coast-to-coast approach to public relations that has both landed them clients and offered them many awards. Not least among these was being named 2013′s PR Agency of the Year at the Stevie’s. Their social media presence on Facebook offers exposure for their clients, and they have a great stream of interesting news coming in on Twitter.


8. Shore Fire Media

Twitter | Facebook

The second Brooklyn based music PR firm on this list, Shore Fire’s customer-specific approach has garnered them a variety of pop, rock, and country clients. They do a good job interacting with their customers and followers, and make sure that followers get a variety of music-related news, releases, and events.


7. Burson-Marsteller

Twitter | Facebook

With over 60 years of experience representing brands in a range of technology and human driven industries, it’s clear that Burson-Marsteller knows its stuff when it comes to public relations. With over 18,000 fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, it’s also clear that Burson-Marsteller knows its stuff in the realm of social media. They share relevant news as well as plenty of shout-outs to brands they support.


6. Fleishman-Hillard

Twitter | Facebook

Fleishman-Hillard has a long history of pursuing what it calls the “power of true.” Their clients include many internationally known organizations such as the Turkish Embassy, Procter and Gamble, and ConAgra Foods, so it makes sense that they would have a global social presence as well. With over 18,000 followers on Twitter alone, Fleishman-Hillard deserves its #6 spot on this year’s list.


5. J Public Relations

Twitter | Facebook

Don’t let their short name fool you. J is widely known as one of the country’s best public relations firms in the hospitality industry, and they’ve successfully managed clients like the Hard Rock Hotel and Sheraton Hotels. Their Facebook page has company updates and fun photos from around their office, and their Twitter account offers some great travel and hotel related advice for followers.


4. Weber Shandwick

Twitter | Facebook

Weber Shandwick’s mission may be to give clients “a legion of believers, supporters and fans,” but that doesn’t mean they haven’t gathered quite a legion themselves. Over 24,000 people get updates from the firm on Facebook and Twitter where they share a variety of public relations news, company updates, and releases from clients.


3. JESS3

Twitter | Facebook

At the edge of math and art, JESS3 specializes in helping their clients visualize large data sets and present them in the most impactful way possible. With the popularity of infographics and visualized data around the web, it’s not completely surprising that JESS3 would have been able to build such a massive following, but the really interesting thing is that they spend more real estate on Twitter retweeting and mentioning others than promoting themselves. People appreciate this kind of “real”-ness, and it shows in JESS3′s fan base.


2. Edelman

Twitter | Facebook

Being the world’s largest public relations firm already places Edelman in a category of their own, but you can’t discount their commitment to social media either. With over 50,000 fans and followers, Edelman has made a name for themselves in PR news and commentary. Their blog is a great resource for writers and professionals, and they do a great job making sure that their name is front and center in the world of PR.

2. [Updated] ALM Public Relations

Twitter | Facebook

*ALM Public Relations was unintentionally left off the list at the time of this posting. Find out more about ALM’s talent and influencers here.

1. Ogilvy & Mather

Twitter | Facebook

Finally, at #1 on our list of the top 25 PR firms on social media, Ogilvy & Mather sits uncontested. With a staggering 200,000+ fans and followers, Ogilvy has the big name client list to back up their big name social following. They keep fans engaged with fun and relevant advertising campaigns, and manage multiple social media accounts for their variety of business offerings.


Notes: This list was compiled using the total social following of over 200 top-ranked US public relations firms. All inquiries should be directed to

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  1. Zeba Khan says:


    Its an interesting list of PR agencies that count amongst the top 25 companies but I want to know the criteria on which they have been affirmed the same. What are the prerequisites in crowing them the top 25?


  2. admin says:

    Hey Zeba,
    We measured their following on Facebook and Twitter (quantitative) as well as their skill in interacting with customer/followers (qualitative) on social media.

    If you have more questions, you can email me at and I’m happy to answer more questions!

  3. These are great to know, as I one day hope to work for a PR firm. I will remember this list as I apply to jobs!

  4. paul bezzina says:

    well thought out list … social media for pr is very powerful today


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