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Campus is a very interesting place the last few weeks of the semester.

Along with the new “blanket” of snow, everyone is bundled up to hide from the cold as the season changes into winter.

But for the majority, people seem shut off and not as sociable as they are the rest of the year.

There seems to be a dazed and glossed look over everyone’s face and all they want to do it is just get from point A to point B without any distractions.

If there are conversations, they are quick, brief and will probably be forgotten by both participants five minutes later.

All of this drag and sleep deprived time of year is what we all like to call finals week, or “hell-week” for some people.

It seems like at this time of the year, every single professor decides to pile on a decent amount of work, or you have no free time on your hands, from work, school and other activities.

Of course, procrastination has a little something to do with this pile of work we have in front of us and it seems like all of it is due tomorrow.

However, all of this time should not be spent in the library with our faces stuffed in our books trying to memorize one last definition for a 300-question test.

We all need and especially want some kind of way to release all of our stress that has compiled over the semester and is finally showing up at the worst time possible.

There are millions of ways to get rid of stress, go get a massage, listen to music, sleep or just chill out for a bit.

But for some people like myself, there is a need to exert this stress.

We need to just release our energy and make ourselves not feel, as down and there is one way that works every time.


Whether you are watching, playing or even reading something to do with sports, there is this sort of feeling that you can get of relaxation and all of that stress you may have had is all gone.

Now, people may argue that if you follow a bad sports team, they will just add more unwanted stress to you at times.

As a Bills fan, I can agree with that statement, but sports is such a broad topic that it doesn’t mean that you have to watch a professional team to relieve your stress.

But, for most teams there was a point when your team was good and has memorable moments to watch on YouTube.

Whenever I’m feeling bad or stressed out, I’ll go watch the Bills 32 point comeback against the Oilers in 1993.

Go outside or to a gym if you want.

There have been studies done that when you work out or do some sort of exercise, endorphins are released into your body that make you feel a lot better than you did a few hours ago.

The great thing about going to this school is that we have access to a free gym with all sorts of equipment.

So, when you get done with a few hours of studying in the library, instead of moping on Facebook how much you hate studying, go do something about it.

You don’t have to know how to lift weights; everyone knows how to use a treadmill or a bike.

So put some sweats on and take the minute or so walk to the gym and put a smile on that frowning face.

If you like the aspect of teamwork, then take some other stressing out buddies and head to the intramural court and play some pick-up basketball or soccer.

But keep in mind that it’s just a game and that you’re playing for fun and if you decide to whine and complain about a foul or a basket then you shouldn’t even be playing in the first place.

The point of playing a pick-up game is to just take a break from the real world and have a good time with your friends.

I can tell you from experience that after having rugby practice right after class, I just forget all about my school worries and have a good time doing something I like with my teammates.

Even if it’s just for two hours out of the day, I feel so much better and can continue on with my day.

I know that you may not like to sweat, but in the end it’s worth it to make your body and especially your mind feel better to make you feel better.

And if exercise isn’t really your thing, go play some sport videogames.

Grab a friend of yours, throw in NBA 2k or Madden and forget about all your worries and stress.

Watching your favorite team throw down for a few hours as you control them can put a smile on anyone’s face.

We all know how cool it is to make ourselves in video games and watch us dominate whatever sport that game is about.

I’ve even made myself a wrestler in a WWE game and just can’t help but laugh when I choke slam some random guy.

As much as some people don’t want to admit, everyone has been stressed at one point during finals week, and with the bulk of the tests and essays coming up everyone needs a pick me up.

So go pick up that ball, racket, controller and put some sports into your life.

You won’t regret it.

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