Eyebrow threading is a good alternative to plucking and waxing

Pluck here. Wax there. Eyebrow grooming can be annoying.

Perhaps getting your eyebrows done by thread might be a better substitute.

Threading is an ancient hair removal method that originated in Persia but is also used in other Middle Eastern countries. According to Silk & Stone, a spa in SE Portland, this technique involves 100 percent anti-bacterial cotton thread that is twisted and rolled along the skin around the brows, entwining hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle.

In ancient Persia, this eyebrow-grooming method was used among women on their wedding days and used as a rite of passage for girls entering womanhood. Now, the practice has been popularized in the western world and serves as an alternative to other eyebrow-grooming methods such as waxing and tweezing.

Syed Shah, president and co-founder of Silk & Stone, and his wife Kaniz Shah, opened their eyebrow and facial threading business in 2008. Originally from Pakistan, Shah’s wife had been doing threading for about 14-15 years before arriving to America.

“Before we opened our business. We set up a studio at our house where people would come into do facials, henna hair coloring and threading,” Syed said. “We wanted to introduce middle-eastern techniques for beauty and health.”

Syed believes that threading is the best for those with sensitive skin.

“Some people aren’t able to do waxing or tweezing because they have sensitive skin and that they easily get breakouts,” Syed said, “threading is more gentle on the skin.”

Yanely Rivas, senior planning, public policy and management major, explains why she left waxing for threading her eyebrows.

“It gives you better shaped eyebrows,” Rivas said, “Sometimes when you pluck or wax, they don’t turn out even.”

Syed believes that eyebrow threading can positively transform a customer’s appearance.

“Eyebrows are the most prominent part of your face,” Syed said, “If they’re styled properly, it can create a huge difference in how a person looks.”

Junior ethnic studies major Amber Nuño shares her feelings before and after she gets her eyebrows threaded.

“Before I get my brows done, I feel stressed out and annoyed because they’re so hairy,” Nuño said, “Afterwards, I feel fiercer than Beyoncé.”

Some other benefits to eyebrow threading are that no chemicals are used within the practice, it prevents wrinkles by not pulling away layers of skin and it’s long lasting.

Nuño appreciates how threading had slowed down her brow growth and that she doesn’t have to worry about constantly maintaining her eyebrows.

“I usually go in for threading every three to four weeks, which is terrific for me and my bank account,” Nuño said.

According to Syed, customers come from a wide range group, starting from as young as 13 years old. As hair tends to thin out in later years, older customers lean towards threading because it has helped maintain the thickness of their eyebrows.

Syed believes that people should try threading at least once in their lives.

“When people try threading for the first time, they get hooked,” Syed said. “They don’t go back to old methods.”

Rivas strongly recommends the practice.

“It’s the most sufficient way to keep your brows clean and even,” Rivas said. “I’ll go with threading 100 percent.”

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