Berkeley street style: back-to-school edition!

Jason Chen/Staff

It may be the end of August, but don’t be fooled — the weather’s only about to get warmer. Known for its late Indian summer, Berkeley will be at its best during the next few weeks, and its climate is a perfect one with which to start the school year. Throw on a light layer such as a denim jacket, or keep it breezy with short-sleeved tops — there’s no wrong way to do back-to-school fashion. The Daily Californian caught up with five of Berkeley’s best-dressed kids to give you more outfit inspiration for the start of the semester.


Ryan Bariga on his personal style: “I’m a dancer, so I like to mix in style with comfort.”


Will Keller on his style preferences: “I’ve been through the Mission (District). I love simple patterns, tight clothes, bright colors.”


Sofia Raimondi on her transgenerational style: “Basically, oversized and baggy clothes from my dad’s closet. Yes, this (jacket) is my dad’s. A little bit of girl’s stuff thrown in there.”


George Markarian on how he describes his fashion sense: “LA with a touch of the Bay.”

Kelsey Baisch: “Elf princess”


James Zamora on style and settling into the Bay: “I’m trying to fit into the whole college scene, trying out layers and all. I’m from SoCal, where we don’t do layers.”

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