Pro-Israel protesters rally outside Wilshire Federal Building

Several hundred demonstrators gathered outside the Wilshire Federal Building Sunday, holding signs and flags to show their support for Israel in light of its current conflict with Hamas.

The protest was the ninth in the past two months to address recent attacks exchanged between Israel and Hamas, the latter of which has ruled the Gaza Strip for eight years and is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S.

It is the second demonstration organized by pro-Israel protesters since the most recent conflict began in early July. More than 2,100 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 68 Israelis, including four civilians, have died since early July, according to the Associated Press.

Cars passing by the Federal Building Sunday honked to show their support as demonstrators held signs urging Hamas to stop shooting rockets at Israel.

The rally followed another demonstration on Saturday, when about 100 people gathered outside the Wilshire Federal Building to call for Israel to stop its airstrikes on the Gaza Strip.

Amy Benelisha, an organizer of Sunday’s protest, said she wanted to demonstrate because she has been to Israel several times and supports Israel’s government.

“I decided to put this together because I felt like we weren’t doing enough, and we needed to come together,” she said.

No further protests have been planned yet.

Compiled by Sam Hoff, Bruin senior staff.

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