Autzen Stadium to unveil renovations at South Dakota game

Autzen Stadium will showcase their recent renovations at the season opener against South Dakota this Saturday. Despite holding a 96 game sellout streak and hosting over 400,000 fans, the Oregon football program wanted to do just a bit more for their fans.

The biggest addition includes a new digital scoreboard at the east end of Autzen Stadium, designed to offer fans in the stadium’s west end and adjacent corners a similar experience to those viewing the west-end DuckVision. This new scoreboard will include a video element that will display replays and other technological advances throughout the game. 

Also, Autzen added 150 flat screen HD monitors in public areas along the stadium concourse to help fans keep updated on the game. These will be of course be displayed near the many food venues throughout the stadium. The stadium is planning to introduce four new food trucks as well at the lower concourse inside the Autzen perimeter. 

Lastly, Autzen implemented new electric trams to help ease the navigation of disabled and senior patrons inside the stadium. 

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