Q&A with Michael Grandinetti

Michael Grandinetti on the CW's Masters of Illusion. Photo courtesy of Michael Grandinetti's official website.

Michael Grandinetti on the CW’s Masters of Illusion. Photo courtesy of Michael Grandinetti’s official website.

Q: How did growing up in Pittsburgh encourage you to become a magician? Did your home life encourage variety?

A: My family, and growing up in Pittsburgh, had a tremendous impact on me. I am very much the product of a very supportive family and community. From the time I found magic when I was 5 and when I did my first professional show at 12, everyone back home always made me feel like I could achieve my goals.My parents and brother and sister always encouraged me with my magic and organizations in town would hire me to perform for their company parties and events and treat me like I was a complete professional.

Q: How do you overcome shyness when performing?

A: Magic played a big part in helping me to overcome shyness when I was a kid and just starting out. When I performed magic, I didn’t just have to talk to people, but I had something fun and, hopefully, amazing to show them.

Q:What’s your favorite illusion to perform & why?

A: I love so many of the pieces in our show, but one of my favorites is a piece called “Walking Through Steel”. This is an illusion that took over 7 years to perfect, so I really enjoy and appreciate each time we perform it. In the illusion, we have a 7ft tall, 4ft wide, 1 inch thick plate of solid steel examined by the audience. They inspect it from top to bottom to make sure it is completely solid. I then melt my body directly through the center of the steel.

Q: What was the first magic trick you learned when you received your first magic set at five?

A: I can still remember that Fisher Price Magic Set, it left such a mark on me. Some of the first pieces of magic that I performed were how to make a small red handkerchief disappear and turn into a flower and reading people’s minds and telling them what color they were thinking of. I’ll never forget what it was like when I first started studying magic, it really made me feel like anything was possible.

Q: Many theatrical elements go into performing. What do you thank attracts audience to magic?

A: Magic is one of the few things that can give people a true sense of amazement, which is a very powerful and uplifting emotion. If you think about it, there aren’t many times in our day to day lives where we feel that. To let go of the pressure of everyday life and to feel like anything is possible is one of the most beneficial effects of watching magic and I think that is one of the things that really allows an audience to connect with magic.


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