GSU student in critical condition

UPDATE Aug. 28, 7:35 p.m.: Rude Rudy’s announced through its Facebook page that it will not be open tonight.

Grant Spencer, the suspect in the case, was not working at the time of the incident and has been terminated, according to the Facebook post.

Rude Rudy’s will not make any further comments regarding the case until the investigation is complete.

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UPDATE Aug. 28, 5:57 p.m.: Corporal Justin Samples, SPD public relations officer, has confirmed that the suspect is in custody. More information will be released tomorrow.

BREAKING: Shortly after midnight on Thursday, Georgia Southern University student Michael Gatto, 18, was admitted to East Georgia Regional Medical Center after an aggravated battery at Rude Rudy’s resulting in head injuries.

Gatto was then airlifted to Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, as confirmed by East Georgia Regional Medical Center. Gatto was non-responsive, according to the Statesboro Police Department.

Memorial University Medical Center’s public relations officer Michael Notrica and the SPD confirmed today that Gatto is currently in critical condition.

Grant James Spencer, 20, has been identified as a suspect in this case and SPD has secured a warrant for his arrest.

At this time, the case is being turned over to the Investigations Bureau, according to the SPD.

Rude Rudy’s could not be contacted before press time.





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