BYU football does anything but disappoint in season opener against UConn

BYU football does anything but disappoint in season opener against UConn

BYU football Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall was all smiles after the Cougar’s season opening 35-10 win over the UConn Huskies.

Mendenhall was not the only one celebrating as junior quarterback Taysom Hill put away an impressive game and ended the night a statistics star scoring 2 touchdowns, rushing for 97 yards, throwing for 308 yards and managing zero interceptions.

“One of the things that has made a big difference from last year is we felt like we really needed to help our O-line and I didn’t ever know if my running backs were going to get out in a pass route as we ran some things down the field,” Hill said. “So this year as UConn gave us some different looks that we weren’t prepared for the line allowed me to make some completions and move the chains.”

The Cougars redeemed themselves after last season’s disappointing opener against Virginia, the Cougars losing 19-16 after a rain delay unexpectedly pushed the kickoff time back.

But the week leading up to the game was not all smooth sailing for BYU, with a number of its key players suspended for breaking team rules. Star running back Jamaal Williams was suspended from the game earlier in the month, while it was announced just hours before game day that both defensive backs Robertson Daniel and Jordan Johnson would also be suspended.

The Cougars didn’t let the suspensions affect them though, as they went out confident putting a lot of pressure on the Husky’s quarterback Casey Cochran and acting aggressively when Cochran put the ball in the air.

“There were glimpses of a strong football team today and I would say with the spots in the middle there was a lack of consistency and so I will have to look harder at just exactly where those things were happening and where the penalties were coming from,” Mendenhall said. “I also think our special teams needs to be cleaned up but again in between all that, it looks like the makings of a very good team to me.”

In the first half the game started slow with referees who wouldn’t let any plays go without throwing a flag, BYU receiving 15 penalties alone.

BYU had complete control of the game at the half, but as the second half went on UConn gained some momentum kicking a field goal in the third quarter to bring the score up to 10 and marching down the field after BYU’s final touchdown in the fourth quarter. But in the end the Huskies were unable to score before the clock ran out.

“Coach let us know that we didn’t come out into the third quarter correctly and we weren’t prepared like we were in the first half,” said BYU wide receiver Mitch Matthews. “He also said that we were complacent and weren’t really playing our best ball so we got it back into gear and did what we did in the first half.”

BYU will need the boost of confidence from this win as they prepare for next week’s game against the revengeful Texas Longhorns, who BYU beat last season in a 40-21 upset leaving Longhorns Head Coach Mack Brown without a job.

It would be an understatement to say that Texas is looking to get their revenge, in front of their home audience.

“It’s going to be a tough game because as you know last season we kind of gave them a good whooping so now it is going to be hard to give them the same whooping as this past season,” said BYU defensive back Michael Davis. “We just hope to see that we execute every single play next week.”


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