Space Jams makes first contact at the Milestone Club in Charlotte

Space JamsEngage the warp drive and jump into hyperspace; the Milestone Club hosts its first Space Jams show on Sept. 5 at 8 p.m. Ticket prices vary from $6 to $8.

You’re bound to bump into a close encounter or two that night as people who attend the show wearing either a space or alien-themed costume will receive $3 off the ticket price and be entered into a costume contest with prizes.

“Any excuse to play dress up I’m sold on,” says Milestone Club owner Stephanie Hughes. Hughes and her husband Jonathan will be performing on stage as the dance electronic band Sext Message.

“At The Milestone, the night everyone looks forward to the most is our ‘Annual Halloween Fiasco’ where all the patrons, as you would expect, are dressed in costume, and the bands are too,” Hughes says. “Why limit fun like that to one night?  I’m looking forward to getting to dress up like a space vixen, and sharing the stage with some of my favorite bands in Charlotte is a hell of a bonus.”

Masa Casa is also catering the event with space-themed tamales.

“Everything we make is vegan, and we rotate flavors weekly,” says Julie Simon, owner of the Masa Casa tamale stand. “For Space Jams, we’re making two special flavors – a glow in the dark tamale with our verde masa jalapeños and a cashew nacho cheese, and a dark blue tamale studded with edible silver leaf and mica for a starry-night effect.”

So be sure to indulge yourself with some space-themed drinks and tamales as you watch bands perform on stage to the backdrop of classic science fiction movies.

Pete Hurdle, lead singer and guitarist of Del Rio, describes The Milestone Club as being Charlotte’s home for punk. Hurdle teamed up with the Milestone Club owners to help organize the event.

“The Milestone’s a really bare bones operation,” Stephanie Hughes says. “We’re certainly not one for theatrics or a contrived image … We, however, love when a band/event organizer pulls out all the stops to make their event memorable.”

After Space Jams, both Hughes and her husband will be taking a break from performing live to work on their next album.

Del Rio who is recording their first album this fall, is a power pop punk band whose songs draw inspiration from pop culture. Hurdle says they cover everything including: “The Gilmore Girls,” “Torchwood,” “The Wonder Years,” “Back to the Future” and “Super Mario Brothers.”

“We have a song called ‘Gwen Stacy’ about how bad it hurts to lose somebody and how everything is your fault,” Hurdle says.

Hurdle also managed to convince singer and bass player Bo White to perform solo at the event as well.

“I’ve been friends with the members of Del Rio for a long time,” White says. “When they asked me to play, it seemed like a good opportunity to do something new.”

“The Del Rio guys have a long history of outlandish, fun events,” White says. “Even the ‘average’ parties at their house are one step beyond. I’m excited to be in the environment they’ll create.”

Other performers expected to appear include the punk rock band Secret Hospital and rap artist Geoff.

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