Don’t Forget to Apply for Graduation

(File Photo by Brent Uberty)

(File Photo by Brent Uberty)


Graduating seniors, put down your smartphones and get off of Buzzfeed, because the application deadline for graduation is looming, and it may be closer than you think.

According to the U’s Office of the Registrar, the deadline to apply to graduate in Spring 2015 is Nov. 1. Students can check their CIS page to generate a DARS report showing which requirements need to be fulfilled before a degree can be awarded. Late graduation applications may result in a $25 late fee and a delay in graduation.

There are multiple steps in the application process, and the Office of the Registrar encourages students to apply sooner rather than later.

Annie Butterfield, a senior in communication, plans to graduate this spring, but she has yet to look at graduation application requirements.

“I didn’t realize it was so close,” Butterfield said. “I haven’t really given much thought to it, especially because classes only started less than two weeks ago. I’ve been mostly focusing on getting settled back into my studies and looking for internships.”

Butterfield said she now plans to get started with the application process and doesn’t want to put it off.

William Maguire, a senior in accounting, said he plans to graduate in December and had to apply to graduate by June 1. Maguire ended up applying closer to the deadline than he had wanted.

“I think most students procrastinate and don’t realize that [they have to apply] until the deadline is too close for comfort,” Maguire said.

After graduating, Maguire said he plans to find a paid accounting internship with his undergraduate degree.

“I’d like to get some good work experience before grad school,” Maguire said. “It’s especially important for people who want to do anything with business. Experience is everything.”

While some students are looking forward to graduating this year and know what they want to do after graduation, others are not so certain.

Ashlynn Orme, a senior in biology, decided to pursue a second bachelor’s degree instead of going to medical school as she had originally planned.

“I’m now looking into doing chemical engineering, which is something I’ve actually always been interested in,” Orme said.

Although this plan prevents her from finishing her undergraduate in the standard four years, Orme said she is excited to be heading in a new direction with her studies.

“I’m also so close to a biology degree, though, so I’ll probably still apply for that,” Orme said. “But my biggest concerns right now are my new engineering classes.”

For students who have applied for graduation already, the status of your application can be found on your CIS page under the graduation menu by clicking “Personal Graduation Information.”


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