This isn’t our news media, it’s yours

Kyle McCarty & Kayla Missman

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Mustang News isn’t just a campus newspaper.

It’s a constantly updating website. It’s a television station. It’s a community that invites discussion with its audience. It’s a group of students dedicated to reporting the news to Cal Poly, whether that means running towards an armed standoff with camera in hand, or providing in-depth coverage of our sports teams.

But most of all, it’s your news source.

At its core, journalism exists for a pretty basic purpose: Tell the truth so people have the information they need to make informed decisions.

People need to know how new laws, decisions by business and political leaders and crime in their neighborhoods will affect them. This is what journalism seeks to convey.

But Mustang News is a college news organization, which means our audience is different than the standard news consumer.

Students need to know what the money for a proposed fee increase will be used for. Some want to know how the lack of class sections is being handled, or what kinds of jobs students are getting after graduation. Others want to know what bands are playing in town, or how Cal Poly’s sports teams are doing.

These are only a few examples of the kinds of information Mustang News is dedicated to bringing the Cal Poly community.

At Mustang News, we are aware of the way our audience wants to consume its news. College students are a fast-paced bunch. They want to be able to read on phones, on tablets, online, in ways that make sense for their busy schedules. We know students want to be updated as quickly as possible, not wait until the next day to see something in a newspaper.

Last year, we made some big changes in the way our campus media operates. We united our previously disparate web, broadcast and print efforts into one single organization. We came up with a new moniker, Mustang News, to signify this way of operating.

We did this because it was what we knew we needed to do to stay relevant, to you, the reader.

Change means we get to try new things, and be at the forefront of our field. But best of all, it means we get to keep our audience engaged — and informed.

But in order to be the best news source we can be, we need to hear from you.

Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Send us an email. Walk into the newsroom (building 26, room 226) and tell us we’re great, or shout at us about something we screwed up. We’re students, just like you, and we want to hear from you.

So just keep in mind, this isn’t our news media, it’s yours.

Let’s make it great together.

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