Volleyball gets shut out in Dig Pink Match

The Charlotte 49ers are among the top programs in the nation when it comes to raising money and awareness for breast cancer, and this year’s Dig Pink match was no different. Despite the score, the turnout and atmosphere were the best of the year so far, with 1231 coming out to support the team at Halton Arena.

Coach Gokhan Yilmaz talked about the Dig Pink match, saying it was one of the few highlights of the night.

“It’s a big tradition in Charlotte. It was really good to see this many people coming out.”

With Michelle Hovey, Semen Sen, and Sarah McDonald sitting out the game, Charlotte had to turn to less experienced freshman in Marshae Bradbury and Michaela White.

In the first set, FIU came to out with a lot of power and forced coach Yilmaz to call two early timeouts. With the 49ers down 12-5, the Panthers didn’t let their foot off the pedal. Abreia Epps was the stand-out player, having multiple big hits and trying her best to keep the 49ers in it. Charlotte made a late run and got as close as 24-21, but couldn’t complete the come back and lost 25-21.

The second set started exactly the same with Charlotte coming out slow, and FIU definitely took advantage. Yilmaz called a timeout while down 13-7, and his team responded nicely making a comeback. The 49ers cut the deficit to 15-12 after FIU’s first timeout of the match, but never could obtain the lead. In an error-stricken set, Charlotte was never able pull ahead, losing 25-20.

The third set was the same story, as Charlotte struggled early and attempted to come back throughout the set. FIU head coach Rita Buck-Crockett called a timeout when up 12-11, and her team didn’t look back, scoring points feverishly and capitalizing off of constant 49er errors. The Panthers swept the 49ers with a third set victory of 25-17.

Yilmaz acknowledged his team’s poor play and said they need to start playing better.

“We came out too flat. We lost the service battle. FIU played much better than they’ve been playing, so good job on their side.”

The 49ers return to the Halton arena on Sunday, Oct. 12th when they host Florida Atlantic.

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