Young Ambassador’s Homecoming flash mob video ‘makes a change’

Young Ambassador’s Homecoming flash mob video ‘makes a change’

BYU’s Young Ambassadors kick-off, dance-off and sing-off as Homecoming week approaches.

Amid a sea of people draped head-to-toe in fluorescent clothing; pinks, blues, greens, the energy was high. Colorful helium balloons, big smiles and enthusiastic high fives greeted onlookers at the Shops at The Riverwoods on Friday, Oct. 10, as BYU’s Young Ambassadors and other volunteers turned out in large numbers to sing, dance and sing along at the performance group’s first ever flash mob music video.

The Young Ambassadors organized the dance routine in just two practices over a week-long period. The group used their Facebook page and its own members to encourage as many people as possible to participate in this Homecoming music video.


As the song “Man in the Mirror” ended, hundreds of balloons were released, along with an eruption of cheers from onlookers. The Young Ambassadors also performed several pieces as a thank you to all those who showed their support at Riverwoods.

The song was chosen because of its international significance and powerful meaning. Soloist Elijah Thomas spoke to the audience after the performance about making changes.

“If you can’t make it to Homecoming events this week, you should go home, take a look at your calendar and then make the change,” he joked.

Jessa Cunningham, a sophomore majoring in theater, was among the flash mob spectators.

“I thought it was nice, it was fun. I like how they came and brought it to the community. I thought that was cool,” said Cunningham.

The Homecoming flash mob music video was a hit at The Shops at The Riverwoods, made evident by the onlookers snapping, clapping and smiling as the group performed.

The video will be posted on the Young Ambassadors YouTube page on Monday, Oct. 13, and will be ready to view at Tuesday’s opening ceremonies Oct. 14.

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