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After Wednesday has done so much since they opened for Nick Jonas at SAB’s Vibe Concert, which was already a pinnacle in their set of experiences. After finding their sound while keeping it outside of their comfort zone, After Wednesday came out with three EPs released across the summer. The first, titled 19 was released on June 28, the second, 20 on July 12 and the third called 21 on July 26. The titles represent the ages of the three members of the alternative band, singer Pat Wilson, guitarist Bennet Smallwood and drummer Jack Kellett. Through the three EPs comprised of two songs each, After Wednesday not only delivers the classic pop punk and early 2000s sounds for fans of that genre, but also go further to please a wider audience.

Before their single “Tattoo”, the band previously went by the name Casper and put out an EP called Lost In Transmission. One of the tracks, “Mayday, Mayday” was labeled their most personal song, but their new EPs dive into their love of music and their roots. Before their concert at Vibe, The University News got to sit down with the band. Throughout the interview they had such exhilarant personalities which were easily transferred onto the stage. Their excitement and passion for music shown at Vibe shined through in their new EPs. The band caters to the pop punk fans with both tracks on 19, but crosses into parts of alternative rock too. The tracks that stand out are the two-minute instrumental “Tidalwaves…” from 20 and the full fledged ballad “Morphine” from 21. The band also delivers a surprising element in the song “The Ghosts of Bonnie & Clyde” by adding on another voice, Marina Pickney, making the track refreshing. Her beautiful voice makes the harmony overlay on Wilson’s something to watch out for.

After Wednesday has always had a captivating stage presence but their next show will surely be an emotional debut.  The band will be performing tracks from the new EPs at the Blueberry Hill Duck Room at 8:00 p.m. on July 29.

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