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A New Journey Through Anxiety

by New York Times bestselling author


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May 2018 Indie Next Pick!

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“An affecting memoir of coping with anxiety over a busy lifetime. […] Those who endure anxiety will find Wilson’s thoughtful, often funny self-analysis to be just the right companion and affirmation.”
— Kirkus

“Uplifting, earnest […] practical, and filled with delightful asides, this book will appeal to anxiety-prone readers, who will find much to calm them in these pages.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Wilson presents a compelling mix of cathartic memoir and advice. […] Raw and honest, Wilson’s “new story” is meant to serve as a companion to help ease the plague of anxiety.”
— Booklist

“Probably the best book on living with anxiety that I’ve ever read, and I have (unfortunately) read many. Sarah is full of expert advice while remaining grounded and incredibly human. Her vulnerability is her strength. And after reading, it will hopefully be yours too.”
— Mark Manson, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

“A witty, well-researched, and often insightful book about negotiating a new relationship to anxiety.”
— Andrew Solomon, New York Times bestselling author of Far from the Tree

“Sarah’s life mission is to help us all feel less lonely in our pain. These pages are filled with authenticity and clear direction for how to return to our spiritual truth.”
— Gabrielle Bernstein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles

Last year, The New York Times declared that “Prozac Nation is Now the United States of Xanax,” and The Wall Street Journal has called this the “anxious generation.” Discussions on anxiety seem to be seeping through our culture, and with good reason—anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults every year. The mental health issue of our age, anxiety is viewed as a burdensome affliction, often leaving those who suffer from it feeling hopeless and alone.  But what if we changed the way that we view this widespread condition, in order to see it as a powerful teacher, and even as an asset, instead of as the enemy?

In FIRST, WE MAKE THE BEAST BEAUTIFUL: A New Journey Through Anxiety, New York Times bestselling author Sarah Wilson shifts the cultural narrative surrounding anxiety in a lyrical exploration that reframes anxiety as a spiritual quest, and overturns our accepted notion of this mental health issue.

To conquer a beast, you must first make it beautiful.

Wilson first came across this Chinese proverb about twenty years ago, while reading psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison’s groundbreaking account of bipolar disorder, An Unquiet Mind. After years of struggling with her own beasts—chronic anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, insomnia and more—these words would become the key that helped Wilson better understand her condition, ultimately changing her life. FIRST, WE MAKE THE BEAST BEAUTIFUL charts Wilson’s epic journey and creative response to living with anxiety, while examining the hard science and research surrounding it.

In the book, Wilson directs intense focus and fierce investigative skills onto her lifetime companion, looking at the triggers and treatments, the fashions and fads. Reading widely on the subject, she also interviews fellow sufferers, mental health experts, philosophers, and even His Holiness the Dalai Lama, processing all she has learned through the prism of her own experiences. Readers will find comfort, humor, companionship, inspiration, and will also learn about some helpful tips to better manage their anxiety, including:

• Cultivate a gratitude ritual. Science shows our brains can’t be grateful and anxious at the same time.
• Eliminate sugar from your diet. Instead, eat pork, turmeric, and yogurt. Our microbiota and the blood-brain barrier is the new anxious frontier.
• Make your bed. Creating new patterns is the most effect way to override bad emotional habits.
• Walk. Anxious thinkers, inventors, and creatives, from Darwin to Nietzsche to Jobs did.
• Actively practice missing out. Forget FOMO, curl up on the couch, and order takeout.
• Just breathe. Embrace the healing power of meditation.

Pulling at the thread of accepted definitions of anxiety, Wilson unravels the notion that it is a difficult, dangerous disease that must be medicated into submission, and re-frames it as a divine journey—a state of yearning that will lead us closer to what really matters. Practical and poetic, wise and funny, this is a small book with a big heart. FIRST, WE MAKE THE BEAST BEAUTIFUL will encourage the myriad of souls who dance with anxiety to embrace it as part of who they are, and to explore the possibilities it offers for a richer, fuller life.

Sarah Wilson is a journalist, entrepreneur, and the New York Times bestselling author of I Quit Sugar. She is the former editor of Australian Cosmopolitan, and she blogs on philosophy, anxiety, minimalism, toxin-free living, and anti-consumerism at Wilson was ranked in’s 100 Most Influential Health Experts in 2015 and as one of the top 200 Most Influential Authors in the world in 2017 and 2018. She lives in Sydney, rides a bike everywhere, is a compulsive hiker, and is eternally curious.

Author Pic

Maria Silva
(212) 207-7486

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How to Improve Your Marketing Efforts to College Students – Part 1

College students can be hard to market to successfully. That’s why you need to really tailor your marketing approach to that specific demographic when you want to appeal to them as a potential customer base. In this article, the first of a three-part series, we’re going to take a look at some of the best methods at your disposal for appealing to college students and getting them to engage with your company and products.

1. Get Social. This cannot be stressed enough. If your business does not have social media accounts on at least Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, you should stop reading this article and go make company profiles on those sites right now. College students are increasingly connected via online platforms and you need to maximize your presence on the sites to engage and influence the demographic. Other sites that can be useful tools as well include Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Reddit.

Once you’ve got accounts on these sites, keep them updated with fresh content. Promote your business but don’t limit yourself to just self-promo. Share interesting articles, videos, links, etc., with those who like or follow you, even if they’re not publicizing your business or products. Engage with your followers and be active. Let them know you care about them, their passions, and that you’re responsive and plugged in.

2. Keep It Short. College students are a lot like babies or puppies; their attention span isn’t all that long. Whenever you’re posting, emailing, or otherwise engaging in marketing efforts, keep your content short and snappy. You don’t need a lot of text to pack a punch; sometimes a meme with a one-liner or just a few sentences can really do the trick. You’ll find that less is more when it comes to drawing in college students’ interest and compelling them to learn more about your business and its offerings.

Consider eye-catching photos, inspirational quotes, or funny quips to set your posts apart and appeal to college students who will enjoy the fact that you’re interacting with them on their level and attempting to speak their language.

3. Mobile Matters. We’re living in the smartphone era; so if your content is not completely mobile-friendly and digestible, you’re going to miss out and drive away potential users and customers. Whatever you’re posting, promoting, and otherwise sharing should be able to be read on any and all devices. Think tablets, phones, and laptops. Make sure your content is optimized for mobile — and being on social media accounts and keeping your text short will only help users on phones and tablets take in your marketing campaigns.

Stay tuned for next month’s blog where this series will continue and we’ll impart more advice for marketing to college students, and in the meantime, start putting these tips into action!



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Cengage and VitalSource expand collaboration to include Cengage Unlimited subscription

Cengage Logo VitalSource Logo

BOSTON (May 21, 2018) – Cengage, an education and technology company, and VitalSource®, the leading Inclusive Access provider for higher education institutions nationwide, announced today that they are expanding their existing collaboration to support the distribution, fulfillment and marketing of Cengage Unlimited.

Cengage and VitalSource work together to provide affordable and accessible learning materials for students nationwide. In 2017, more than a million students in the U.S. used VitalSource to access Cengage content. Beginning in August 2018, Cengage Unlimited will be available through the VitalSource E-commerce solutions and onsite campus stores, as well as through and numerous other channel partners.

Cengage Unlimited is the first-of-its-kind subscription service for digital higher education materials that gives students complete on-demand access to all Cengage digital resources for $119.99 per semester or $179.99 a year. The expanded collaboration with VitalSource will make Cengage Unlimited available to hundreds of thousands of U.S. students through, partner campus stores, and VitalSource’s Inclusive Access model, which provides students immediate access to all required course materials on the first day of class at affordable prices.

In addition to distribution, VitalSource will power many of Cengage Unlimited’s 20,000 plus eTextbooks. The VitalSource platform gives Cengage Unlimited students both online and offline access to textbooks and course materials on all major operating systems and mobile devices, with the best accessibility and student ratings in the industry.

“At Cengage, we’re disrupting the traditional textbook publishing model with a focus on providing affordable access to high-quality digital learning materials for students,” said Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer at Cengage. “In working more closely with VitalSource, we will be able to reach even more students with our comprehensive subscription service. The collaboration with VitalSource continues the brisk momentum behind Cengage Unlimited.”

Students and faculty at more than 7,000 institutions will have the opportunity to access Cengage Unlimited.

“Ensuring students, stores and instructors have access to the best educational materials and experiences at more affordable, competitive price points has been the VitalSource mission for over twenty years, “said Pep Carerra, president of VitalSource. “This collaboration is the next generation of innovation in educational materials, reaching students where they are, and helping to provide options the way modern consumers expect and deserve. We couldn’t be more excited to distribute Cengage Unlimited and support it with our eTextbook platform, bringing both worlds seamlessly together for hundreds of thousands of students.”

For more information on Cengage Unlimited visit To learn more about VitalSource, visit

About VitalSource |

VitalSource Technologies LLC, part of Ingram Content Group, is improving the learning experience by making it easier to create and deliver effective and affordable content. The preferred choice among educational institutions and companies for digital learning materials, VitalSource® helps over 1,000 educational content providers create and deliver seamless interactive learning experiences through its exclusive Bookshelf® platform to millions of learners at 7,000 institutions. Bookshelf users opened more than 20 million digital textbooks last year and read more than 3.4 billion pages. Follow VitalSource on Twitter at @VitalSource.

About Cengage
Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher education, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Media Contacts:
Lindsay Stanley

Erin Shannon

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5 Money-Saving Tips For The Upcoming Semester


Budgeting is incredibly challenging, especially as a college student. From worrying about the ever-increasing cost of housing, to meal plans and tuition – it’s a lot. Not to mention school supplies and books! You are not alone in the pain of preparing for a new semester, so here are five tips on how to save money this fall.

Cut Coffee Consumption

College is rough and it’s hard not to bite, literally, into the temptations of all the convenient campus fast foods and coffee shops. Whether you spend $5 a day on Starbucks, or $2 on a vending machine snack, it can add up. In fact, ABC News discussed a study that found the average American spends about $1,100 a year on coffee alone. By investing in a coffee maker this fall (some pots are as cheap as $25, that’s less than a week’s worth of coffee shop drinks), or packing snacks, you can minimize the amount of money you spend on campus food, and thus maximize savings.

Walk, Bike or take Public Transportation

Uber and Lyft are incredibly convenient options for getting around, especially when you are running late for class across campus. However, the costs can add up if it becomes a habit. Check out the public transportation in your area, where students often receive a discount, or your institution’s bus services, which are often free! Or, even better, consider leaving yourself a few extra minutes to bike or walk across campus. Not only is this cost-effective but it’s a great way to get fresh air and stay in shape.

Shop Around for Course Materials

Books are one of the most expensive parts of college but they don’t have to be! Your university will often carry copies of textbooks at the library for you to check out when you need it. If your friends have previously taken the course, ask to borrow their book if they purchased it.

In addition, check out Cengage Unlimited, a new subscription where students pay a one-time fee of $119.99 per term ($179.99 per year) to get access to all the digital learning platforms, online homework & study tools, as well as ebooks that Cengage offers. For students who need to purchase multiple books, this is a great tool because you can get all your materials in one place, and access all the other study tools Cengage offers for about the cost of just one book! And, if you want print, you can receive a free print rental at no cost – just pay $7.99 for shipping. Figure out how much you can save today by using the Cengage Unlimited Calculator.

Score Student Savings

Don’t overlook college student discounts – they’re an easy way to save money throughout your time as a student. Many stores, like Banana Republic, Topshop and ASOS, all offer discounts if you have a valid student ID. Amazon Prime also offers a 6-month free trial for students and the New York Times offers access to all publications for $1! Apple, Dell, Spotify and Microsoft give significant student discounts, as well. Find out if your university offers Microsoft products for free as many colleges do.

Plan Courses According to Expenses

The classes you take and the professor teaching it can make a huge difference in the course materials you’ll need. Some professors might require a subscription to a news service, while others may require three different textbooks. This could be the difference between spending $20 and $200.

To better prepare, check out websites like Rate My Professors, where students often mention whether the materials are required or just recommended. If, for instance, you know that one professor requires an expensive book or a digital program, plan to take that class when you don’t have many other expenses. Scheduling classes with this in mind can help you plan accordingly and minimize the amount you spend.

-Kat Humphries


Kat Humphries is a freshman majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice at the University of Akron. She works as a Student Ambassador for Cengage and is a Student Assistant for the Engineering Department at her University. In her free time, she is an assistant debate coach for high school students and a writer for Her Campus Akron.

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“‘Epic historical military fantasy’ sounds like a whole lot of book—in a good way. When Rin tests into the most elite military school in her country, it’s good and bad: her classmates are horrible, but she discovers an unexpected power. Though it’s not a YA book, The Poppy War’s cover copy reminds me of both Eon and An Ember in the Ashes: magical powers, intense school, and harrowing conflict. Yes, please.”, “The Books We’re Looking Forward to in 2018”

The Poppy War

Georgetown student R.F. Kuang makes her literary debut
with a brilliantly imaginative novel inspired by the history of China’s modern history.
The novel is imbued with treachery and magic, much in the tradition of
Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings and N.K. Jemisin’s The Inheritance Trilogy.

When Georgetown University student R.F. Kuang was inspired by her undergraduate studies in Chinese history to write a fantastical reimagining of China’s insurgent modern history, she never imagined that her finished manuscript, the first in a projected three-part trilogy, would go into heated auction amongst America’s top science fiction publishers.  And when Harper Voyager, an imprint of HarperCollins publishers, acquired her work on Kuang’s 20th birthday, there was certainly ample reason to celebrate.  THE POPPY WAR, which will be released in hardcover format on May 1, 2018 (just a few days before the author’s graduation ceremony), is one of the imprint’s most anticipated releases of the year.  “We’re incredibly excited to publish THE POPPY WAR, and to be working with R.F. Kuang, who is an incredible new talent in the speculative fiction industry,” says Voyager editorial director David Pomerico.  “Set in a world full of magic, but based on Chinese history, the blending of military fantasy and coming-of-age narrative hits all the notes popular in the genre today.  Kuang combines cultural authenticity with personal creativity at a time when both qualities are very much demanded by readers.”

The author, a student of geopolitics, notes in a recent interview with The Hoya newspaper, “(THE POPPY WAR) is about the domestic politics, military strategy and interpersonal dynamics of the most important figures of 20th century China, but everything is transposed to a Song dynasty setting…I’m interested in military history and collective memory. That is, how wars are fought, and how we remember them.”

Kuang continues to work on the second and third book in the series, and plans to finish writing the trilogy this summer, before she moves to the United Kingdom for her graduate program at Cambridge University.

About the Book:
Rin knows that the only way out of her village–and an arranged marriage she doesn’t want–is to test into the elite military academy at Sinegard. When Rin aces the Keju—the Empire-wide test to find the most talented youth to learn at the Academies—it is a shock to everyone: to the test officials, who couldn’t believe a war orphan from Rooster Province could pass without cheating; to Rin’s guardians, who had believed they’d finally be able to marry her off and further their criminal enterprise; and to Rin herself, in realizing she is finally free of the servitude and despair that had made up her daily existence.

The first thing Rin learns upon arriving at academy is that being a dark-skinned peasant girl from the south is not an easy thing at Sinegard. Targeted from the outset by rival classmates for her color, poverty, and gender, Rin discovers she possesses a lethal, unearthly power—an aptitude for the nearly-mythical art of shamanism. Exploring the depths of her gift with the help of a seemingly insane teacher and psychoactive substances, Rin learns that gods long thought dead are very much alive—and that mastering control over those powers could mean more than just surviving school.

For while the Nikara Empire is at peace, the Federation of Mugen still lurks across a narrow sea. The militarily advanced Federation occupied Nikan for decades after the First Poppy War, and only barely lost the continent in the Second. And while most of the people are complacent to go about their lives, a few are aware that a Third Poppy War is just a spark away . . .

Rin’s shamanic powers may be the only way to save her people. But as she finds out more about the god that has chosen her, the vengeful Phoenix, she fears that winning the war may cost her humanity . . . and that it may already be too late.

About the Author:

RF Kuang

R. F. Kuang is a graduate of the 2016 Odyssey Writing Workshop. She studies Chinese history at Georgetown University, and has recently been awarded a Marshall Scholarship.  Kuang will continue her studies of the legacy of warfare in China at Cambridge University in the fall.   The Poppy War is her debut novel.


Media Contact:
Pamela Jaffee

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Cengage  Red Shelf Logo

Collaboration to broaden student textbook affordability options

BOSTON and CHICAGO —April 12, 2018—Cengage, an education and technology company, and RedShelf, a leading provider of digital learning materials, today announced the expansion of their existing partnership to include Cengage Unlimited, while also formalizing their collaboration on inclusive access.

Through both programs, Cengage and RedShelf are providing students with more options and more access to affordable learning materials. Beginning in August, RedShelf will offer Cengage Unlimited through the eCommerce site and RedShelf Bookstore, the digital content platform that powers digital distribution for 600+ college bookstores.

Cengage Unlimited is the first-of-its-kind subscription service for digital higher education materials. A subscription provides access to more than 22,000 products across 70 disciplines and more than 675 courses for one price—$119.99 a semester, no matter how many Cengage products are used. Students using the digital platforms also have the option of free print rentals, paying only a $7.99 shipping fee.

“RedShelf has been an important partner in the seamless delivery of affordable digital products to our customers and our collective growth in inclusive access is evidence of that. Today we are expanding our partnership to now sell our Cengage Unlimited subscription service, making our extensive suite of high quality learning accessible to even more students,” said Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cengage. “We want to make Cengage Unlimited available wherever students are and, in working with RedShelf, we are making it easier than ever for students to access high quality, affordable course materials.”

In addition, Cengage’s commitment to delivering individual courses through RedShelf Inclusive provides students with access to affordable course materials and advanced learning tools on the first day of class, on an innovative platform that instructors and administrators can use to enhance student engagement. The program has more than 140 participating institutions and has experienced 600% year-over-year unit growth.

“Working closely with Cengage to support their access and affordability initiatives is perfectly aligned with the core values RedShelf was founded on,” said RedShelf CEO and co-founder Greg Fenton. “Expanding our inclusive access programs alongside the launch of Cengage Unlimited are top priorities for RedShelf over the next year.  By expanding our partnership with Cengage, we’re continuing to invest in our mission of improving education by providing affordable, accessible content and tools that drive student success.”

For more information on Cengage Unlimited visit For information on Inclusive access, visit or

About Cengage
Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher ed, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About RedShelf
Chicago-based RedShelf is a leading provider of affordable digital learning materials helping to improve teaching and learning through technology. In collaboration with strategic partners, publishers, institutions and campus bookstores, RedShelf streamlines the discovery and distribution of digital textbooks and digital course content for all students. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


Media Contacts
Lindsay Stanley

Ashleigh Mavros

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Closetbox Launches Summer College Storage Ambassador Program


Students can now get pickup storage at their dorm and earn money

DENVER, CO – April 4, 2018 – As classes come to an end nationwide, Closetbox ( is introducing a way for college students to earn money while also providing discounts to their fellow students for full-service storage over the summer.

Closetbox is a full-service storage company that offers pickup, storage and on-demand return delivery of students’ belongings with secure storage in local storage facilities. Closetbox is the largest full-service storage company in the world, serving campuses in 88 markets. Closetbox has 206 locations, 3000+ vehicles on the road and 26 million square feet of storage space. In contrast, Closetbox’s largest competitor serves only 7 markets.

Since Closetbox’s first external funding in September 2015, the company has served tens of thousands of customers, seen 16x revenue growth and 90% compounded quarterly revenue growth.

This spring Closetbox is recruiting “College Storage Ambassadors” who want to make some extra money and get fellow students a discount on the best option for student summer storage.

Program Details

To join the ambassador program: Visit sign up and Closetbox will send you a coupon code and unique link. Simply share your link with friends and family via email, text or social media. When they sign up for Closetbox via your link and make a qualifying purchase they get a $50 discount and you earn $25! For the lead to qualify, your friend or family member needs to:

• Click on the unique link you sent them
• Place a qualifying order on
• Have Closetbox complete a storage pick-up

Make money on your own schedule

At the end of each referral bonus period, Closetbox will verify qualifying purchases. Students can expect to receive s referral bonus within 30 days of the end of the bonus period. If you’re interested in joining our referral program visit the college ambassador page ( ) or send Closetbox an email to

Media Contact

Travis Henry
(303) 589-3795

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Cengage BN

Boston —March 20, 2018—Cengage, an education and technology company, and Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED), a leading provider of educational products and services solutions for higher education and K-12 institutions, today announced that beginning in August, Cengage Unlimited subscriptions will be offered at Barnes & Noble Education’s 1,480 campus stores and their school branded e-commerce sites through its Barnes & Noble College and MBS Textbook Exchange subsidiaries.

Announced this past December, a Cengage Unlimited subscription gives students access to all the company’s digital higher education course materials—more than 22,000 products across 70 disciplines and more than 675 courses—for $119.99 a semester (or $179.99 for 1 year, $239.99 for 2 years), no matter how many Cengage materials they use.  Students using the world-class digital platforms have the option of free print rentals, paying only a $7.99 shipping fee.

“We have a strong relationship with Barnes & Noble Education rooted in a shared dedication to improving the student experience. Together we are expanding options for students seeking more affordable learning materials,” said Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cengage. “Our partnership on Cengage Unlimited helps to ensure this compelling and affordable subscription service to our full catalog of high quality learning materials will get in the hands of as many students as possible.”

“At Barnes & Noble College, we aim to support students and faculty by ensuring they have all of the tools they need to succeed in the classroom,” said Patrick Haze, Vice President, Course Materials, Barnes & Noble College. “We are pleased to grow our offerings to now provide the millions of students and faculty we serve with even greater access to affordable, accessible course materials.”

“As a valued partner for schools nationwide, we understand the important role affordable course materials play in driving student success. We look forward to further expanding the robust selection of learning materials we offer with Cengage Unlimited,” said Bill Dampier, Executive Vice President, MBS Textbook Exchange.

Cengage and Barnes & Noble Education will leverage their digital integration technology to seamlessly deliver Cengage digital products and Cengage Unlimited to students. Cengage digital products are also available through Barnes & Noble College’s First Day™ inclusive access program, ensuring that students have materials readily available at the start of class.

Following other recent partnership announcements, this agreement highlights the continued momentum towards making Cengage Unlimited, the first of its kind affordable subscription service, accessible to all students wherever they are.

For more information, visit

About Cengage
Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher ed, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Barnes & Noble Education, Inc.
Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED), a leading provider of educational products and services solutions for higher education and K-12 institutions, enhances the academic and social purpose of educational institutions. Through its Barnes & Noble College and MBS subsidiaries, Barnes & Noble Education operates 1,480 physical and virtual bookstores and serves more than 6 million students and faculty, and offers a suite of digital software, content and services including direct-to-student study tools. The Company also operates one of the largest textbook wholesale distribution channels in the United States. Barnes & Noble Education acts as a strategic partner to drive student success, provide value and support to students and faculty, and create loyalty and improve retention, while supporting the financial goals of our college and university partners.

BNED companies include: Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC, MBS Textbook Exchange, LLC, BNED LoudCloud, LLC, Student Brands, LLC, and Promoversity, LLC. General information on Barnes & Noble Education may be obtained by visiting the Company’s corporate website: 


Media Contacts:
Lindsay Stanley

Carolyn Brown
Barnes & Noble Education, Inc.

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Max Frost Max2

Atlantic recording artist Max Frost has announced the release of his new single and video. “Good Morning” is now available at all DSPs and streaming services and will soundtrack a major advertising campaign launching bubly, PepsiCo’s new line of flavored sparkling waters.  The commercial will get its primetime television premiere during the highly anticipated 90th Academy Awards, airing live on ABC on Sunday, March 4th at 5 pm PT (check local listings).

“Good Morning” heralds the producer/multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter’s long awaited debut album, executive produced by Michael “Fitz” Fitzpatrick of Fitz and the Tantrums. Mick Schultz (Rihanna, Jeremih, YG), produced much of the album, which is due to arrive later this year.

Named by both NPR and Rolling Stone as one of “10 Artists You Need To Know,” Max Frost has earned acclaim with his unique musical merging of soul, funk, hip-hop, and pop that saw 2013’s breakthrough single, “White Lies,” lauded in such high profile national outlets as Interview, Billboard, Paste, and NPR Music. Frost has since toured extensively with his captivating one-man-band performances earning him coveted slots at festivals such as Austin’s ACL Music Festival, Dover, DE’s Firefly Music Festival as well as multiple sold out headline tours and supporting slots with Gary Clark Jr., Fitz and the Tantrums, Honne & more.

Frost has also become an in-demand collaborator in his own right, including collaborations with DJ Snake for his most recent single, “Broken Summer (Feat. Max Frost)” as well as upcoming projects with Elton John x DJ Mustard, and Whethan all due out this Spring.

Max has previously released two EP’s, “Low High Low” and “Intoxication” featuring four consecutive singles to hit #1 on HypeMachine’s “Most Popular Tracks on Blogs Now” chart.   The music has also appeared in countless syncs ranging from a Beats by Dre commercial to TV shows such as The Brave (NBC), Power (Starz) and much more.

For more news and information, please visit,,,, and

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Boston and Santa Clara, California—February 26, 2018—Cengage, an education and technology company and Chegg, the Smarter Way to Student™, today announced an exclusive partnership to increase students’ access to more affordable materials and help them succeed in their studies.  At launch this August, all Cengage Unlimited subscribers will receive a month of free access to Chegg’s Learning Services, including Chegg Study, Chegg Math, Easybib Plus, a Chegg Service, and 60 minutes of tutoring through the Chegg Tutors platform.

Announced this past December, a Cengage Unlimited subscription gives students access to all the company’s digital higher education course materials—more than 22,000 products across 70 disciplines and 675 courses—for $119.99 a semester, no matter how many Cengage materials they use.  Students using the digital platforms have the option of free print rentals, paying only a $7.99 shipping fee.  After paying the one-time subscription fee, students will access a centralized easy-to-use dashboard offering access to the vast Cengage library of content and digital learning platforms and, starting in August 2018, will include access to Chegg’s Learning Services.

Subscribers will receive access to a 30-day trial subscription of Chegg Study, which provides step-by-step solutions to problems in more than 28,000 college textbooks, and a database of more than 13 million expert questions and answers. Additionally, Cengage Unlimited users will receive similar access to Chegg Math, an artificial intelligence-based mathematical equation solver; EasyBib Plus, a Chegg Service which helps students learn and improve sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and identify when and how to cite their papers to prevent plagiarism, and 60 minutes of 1-on-1 tutoring from subject matter experts through Chegg Tutors.

“The extraordinary response to Cengage Unlimited since launch underscores how the market is ready for bold action to remove the cost barriers that for too long have limited students’ learning,” said Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cengage.  “We are thrilled to partner again with Chegg, whom we have also partnered with on rental consignment.  They are a great student brand, with highly regarded products and services, and they share our commitment to putting students first.  This partnership adds even more value to the already attractive Cengage Unlimited subscription.”

“We are thrilled to offer our suite of Chegg Learning Services to Cengage Unlimited subscribers,” said Nathan Schultz, Chief Learning Officer of Chegg, Inc. “This partnership not only deepens our relationship with Cengage but also, of equal importance, offers tremendous value to students; empowering them to learn in whichever way works best for them, while improving their overall academic outcome.”

About Cengage
Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher ed, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Chegg
Chegg puts students first. As the leading student-first connected learning platform, Chegg strives to improve the overall return on investment in education by helping students learn more in less time and at a lower cost. Chegg is a publicly-held company based in Santa Clara, California and trades on the NYSE under the symbol CHGG. For more information, visit


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