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Today’s Interactive Learning Experience

From cell phones to Facebook to personal gaming consoles, college students today have grown up accustomed to interactive experiences and increasingly advanced technologies. While there have been many studies that have speculated about the potential negative consequences of these devices, [...]

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Column: Music’s biggest, boring-est night

The 55th annual Grammy Awards spectacle went on without a hitch. Sadly, perfectly-executed live award shows never make for the most entertaining TV. Last night’s three-and-a-half hour broadcast was no exception.

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TV review: Netflix show captures political drama

Netflix has done it again. First, it contributed to Blockbuster’s bankruptcy with on-demand DVDs and online streaming. Now, Netflix is gunning for network and cable television with its first original series, “House of Cards.”

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Movie review: Identity Thief

Say this for “Identity Thief”: it meets expectations. In other words, it’s as bad as its trailers and February release date would suggest.

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How I (Still Haven’t) Met Your Mother

“Kids, I just remembered some more hilarious and outrageous hijinks with Aunt Lilly/Robin and Uncle Marshall/Barney! Guess you’ll have to wait another year to hear about how I met your mom.”

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Movie review: ‘Warm Bodies’ a unique idea spanning awesome genres

Zombie rom-com: that label alone should have film-buffs excited for the movie “Warm Bodies,” which was released Feb. 1. I mean, have you ever heard anything like it?

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Column: In defense of Nicolas Cage

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that the Internet really loves to hate on Nicolas Cage. There is the array of memes of his bizarre facial expressions that have arisen, the videos of his weird acting moments, and the plethora of photos with his face on the bodies of cats.

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Movie review: Stand Up Guys

“Stand Up Guys” is not exactly movie that the trailers make it seem. While the movie still has the basic punch lines that any run-of-the-mill action-comedy is anticipated to have, director Fisher Stevens (“Decisions”) also incorporates a surprising amount of heartfelt emotion and light drama.

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TV review: Last call for ‘30 Rock’

For fans of the NBC sitcom “30 Rock,” the inevitable ending of the show proves to be a bittersweet moment. On the one hand, longtime fans will be saddened by the ending of a brilliant sitcom, but on the other it’s a both a surprise and a blessing that the show has been kept on the air as long as it has.

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