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NPR reporter finds family secrets in race investigation

NPR reporter finds family secrets in race investigation

When Michele Norris, co-host of National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered,” decided to write a book, she hadn’t intended to write a memoir.

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Book Feature: Gavin Richard/”Katrina: Eyes Have Not Seen, Ears Have Not Heard”

As the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches this Sunday, people are beginning to reminisce and reflect upon the bad times; people losing their homes and the good times, people reuniting with loved ones of the horrifying and the monumental event. Spike Lee has recently completed his new documentary entitled, If God Is Willing and The Creek Don’t Rise and Southern University’s very own Gavin Richard, native of New Orleans and Political Science graduate, has published his own book surrounding lack of support from the government during the crisis.

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Guard-turned-activist chronicles abuses in Texas detention facility

The Rev. Tony Hefner spent six years working as a security guard for Burns International Security Services, a private company contracted to provide security at the Port Isabel Service Processing Center in Los Fresnos in the late 1980s. The processing center serves as a detention facility for men, women and children from around the world who are apprehended trying to enter the United States illegally and are waiting for their immigration status to be decided. Passionate about human justice, Hefner has turned his experience into a memoir.

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GLBTQ author visits Boxcar, promotes book

In a small room lined with shelves and tables holding various books, one book, “Travels in a Gay Nation: Portraits of LGBTQ Americans” by Philip Gambone, had all the readers’ attention.

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Magazine writer explores the ‘Utopia’ of tiny towns

Depending on who you talk to, small-town America can either be a quaint and authentic portrait of real American life or a suffocating trap. In 2006, Karen Valby, a senior writer at Entertainment Weekly, was asked by her editor to find a small town far removed from the effects of popular culture.

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Professor warns of US decline as superpower

A Brigham Young U. professor of political science fears America may be on the decline in its role as a superpower. Earl H. Fry’s book, “Lament for America,” aims to show the average American trends and warning signs of a declining nation.

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Interview: “Columbine” Author Dave Cullen

I don’t often tear up, but I cried while reading the last chapter of Dave Cullen’s bestselling novel “Columbine” (2009), which was recently released in an expanded paperback edition. My own emotional reaction to the account of the 1999 Colorado school shooting is not altogether surprising, however, given Cullen’s emotional approach to writing the book.

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