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Editorial: Use of ‘study drugs’ gives unfair advantage

“Pressure” is one word that single-handedly unites college students from all walks of university life. All students have felt it, whether from their parents and peers or within their major. There is pressure to keep up, to slow down, to stay focused, to stay current and, most of all, to succeed.

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Column: Don’t come to college to get a degree — get an education

How do you get an English major off of your porch? Pay for the pizza. I see this idea constantly in articles, cartoons and blogs, and it drives me crazy: “A liberal arts degree is useless in this job market.”

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Column: Back to the top

The College Board reported in 2010 that the United States ranked twelfth globally in the proportion of young adults holding a college degree. Recognizing the problem, President Obama announced an ambitious goal, declaring that by 2020 the United States should have the highest percentage of college graduates of any country.

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Blogger fired for criticizing black studies students

Former Wall Street Journal editor Naomi Schaefer Riley was fired from the Chronicle of Higher Education on Monday, a week after she wrote a blog post criticizing the work of some doctoral candidates in Northwestern’s African American Studies department.

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As crunch time hits, some students turn to dangerous study drug

In preparation for finals, some students stock up on Red Bull. Others reload their Starbucks cards in anticipation of coffee-fueled nights. But for some students who sneak under the radar at Harvard, reading period entails a trip to the pharmacy or their entryway’s drug dealer.

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Editorial: No matter the medium, cheating still unethical

Odds are, we’ve all cheated, whether it’s handing down past exams or sharing information minutes before a quiz. Traditionally, we think of cheating as an information transaction from one person to another or a small group of people.

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Texting hinders learning, study shows

Texting hinders learning, study shows

Boston U. senior Sana Ali said she usually pays attention in class, but she will text when she has the opportunity.

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Santorum takes aim at California’s college curriculum

Facts eluded presidential candidate Rick Santorum when he took aim at the history curriculums at California’s universities Monday.

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Leftism at U. California leads to skewed education, report claims

Liberal faculty and politically correct thinking at U. California has resulted in students receiving a decrepit and biased education, a report released this month by a conservative think tank claims.

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