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Social media more damaging to college applicants

The college application process can be overwhelming to high school seniors, and according to a Kaplan Test prep survey, the process has become even more of a challenge in the past year.

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Column: Fischer v. U. Texas

The Supreme Court made headlines this past summer when it issued a ruling on the constitutionality of the individual mandate that is at the core of the Affordable Care Act. This session, the Supreme Court will revisit a controversial issue: affirmative action.

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Supreme Court fiercly divided over use of race in admissions

Supreme Court fiercly divided over use of race in admissions

The Supreme Court entertained oral arguments Wednesday morning in a case that could redefine the way affirmative action is used in America. At stake is not only the fate of diversity programs nationwide, but also the precedents set by U. Michigan in the landmark cases Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger.

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Affirmative action not best for diversity, study suggests

Affirmative action plans based on class — not race — might provide more diversity to the nation’s universities than affirmative action, a Century Foundation report released on Wednesday suggests.

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Column: Affirmative action still necessary to building inclusive, diverse university campuses

The Supreme Court will soon hear a case that could shake up the college admissions process. Theoretically, affirmative action is no longer necessary.

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U.S. graduate schools see a rise in international student applications in 2012

American graduate schools saw a steep rise in international student applications for the upcoming academic year compared to recent years, according to a recent survey by an organization that predicts global trends in graduate education.

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Court upholds Proposition 209, prohibiting affirmative action in California public university admissions

California’s ban on affirmative action will remain intact after a federal appeals court ruled Monday that Proposition 209, which prohibits the state’s public universities from using race or gender as a factor in college admissions, is constitutional.

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Editorial: Keep allowing affirmative action

When the U.S. Supreme Court reconvenes next, they will hear a case involving Abigail Fisher’s denied admission to U. Texas which was, she claims, due to affirmative action.

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Editorial: Kiss and tell

In the wake of a proposal which first made waves in January, the U. California system is moving forward with the idea of asking the sexual orientation of its incoming students.

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