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Pell Grants safe until 2015, report suggests

While government agencies tighten their budgets as the U.S. economy recovers from recession, the Federal Pell Grant’s foreseen shortfall in 2014 is now unlikely, and students will still receive government-subsidized financial aid, according to a report by the Congressional Budget Office Wednesday.

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Student loan defaults increasing, study suggests

In light of a new study finding college students more likely than ever to default on their student loans, students must be aware of various repayment options and strategies to avoid default, Boston U. officials said.

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Editorial: Make college more affordable through changes in paperwork

Out of all the complicated forms a student can expect to fill out, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, surely ranks among the most arduous of paper journeys upon which a student will have to embark.

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Editorial: The rise of unpaid internships

It’s safe to say (and The New York Times said it Wednesday) that interning has become the norm. These days, college students typically graduate with an internship or two under their belt.

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Student loans surpass credit card debt

Student loans surpass credit card debt

Florida State U. graduate student Ryan Bennett will have $20,000 in student loan debt. Senior Torie Nugent will accumulate $24,000. Junior Melia Orrell will surpass $70,000.

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Column: Higher-education bubble is preventable

As our economy recovers from the bursting of the housing bubble, some warn another is looming on the horizon.

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New fiscal cliff deal drops students’ paychecks

As 2012 came to a close, Congress created a deal to prevent the country from going over a “fiscal cliff.” After having 507 days to address the problem, the Senate agreed to a deal three hours before the deadline.

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Column: Student loans — avoid making them your financial crisis

Student loans are near and dear to all our hearts. You like them a lot more than I do at this point, I promise. Making payments is not nearly as fun as receiving refunds. Refunds end up as new laptops or tablets, nights out with friends, and a spring break trip we never forget. Repayment means box wine at home instead of bar tabs, Netflix instead of cable, and stay-cation instead of vacation.

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New websites offer more savings on textbooks than usual retailers

Every semester, college students must begin purchasing textbooks and materials for new classes again. Textbook prices seem to rise every year, and many students look to alternatives like rental books or shopping online to save money.

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