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New concussion study indicates required recovery time is longer than previously believed

Nowadays, it’s not just a simple knock on the head. A new study led by U. Oregon graduate student David Howell and his advisors Dr. Li-Shan Chou and Dr. Louis “Lou” Osternig indicates that certain individuals may take longer to recover from concussions than previously thought.

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Column: Is Gov. Chris Christie too fat to be president?

The American people have just finally exhaled after enduring a long and tiring presidential campaign, and already the talk has turned to 2016. (“Talk” here meaning the blathering of TV’s “talking heads.”)

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Editorial: Onset of flu season should bring out our common sense, not panic

It’s back — in hallways, bathrooms, classrooms, gyms, cafeterias and just about every other place in America. And, it’s probably going to kill you.

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Boston named drunkest city, again

Boston named drunkest city, again

With Boston named the “drunkest” city in America by the Daily Beast for the second year in a row, health professionals said the drinking trend is a cause for concern.

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Sickle cells may be a tool against tumors

Sickle red blood cells, more commonly associated with disease, may also play a role in treating cancer tumors.

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Study: Facebook decreases loneliness

In a recent study, a U. Arizona professor defended the benefits of Facebook and suggested that updating one’s status more often can reduce the feeling of loneliness.

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Study shows binge drinking trends

Exposure to alcohol advertisements and marketing may correlate with increased binge drinking activity, according to a study published in December by a research team from Dartmouth College’s Geisel School of Medicine.

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Study shows music can communicate emotions

Humans across cultures can express various emotions through music and motion, according to a recent study by Dartmouth College psychology professor Thalia Wheatley, psychology and brain sciences PhD candidate Beau Sievers and music professor Michael Casey.

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Study says longer lifespans plagued by disease

A new study authored in part by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health claims that while people worldwide are living longer, they are living more of those years in poor health.

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Adderall addiction: Students misuse drug to gain boost while studying

The United States is 4 percent of the world’s population but produces 88 percent of the world’s legal amphetamine. Adderall, also known as the “study drug,” is in high demand across the nation and has increasingly become highly abused by college students who claim Adderall is the key to academic success.

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