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Federal government to revamp student internship program

The federal government is in the process of creating a new internship program to give students more opportunities to try out federal careers.

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Integrity of unpaid internships questioned

As the economy declined, more and more students began looking for alternative ways to gain work experience, including unpaid internships. However, many are starting to question whether unpaid internships are legal, and others wonder if they’re really worth their time.

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Column: Confessions of a paid intern

I accepted the offer as soon as I heard the magical phrase “paid internship” and I quit as soon as I heard the words “toilet cleaning.” Filling in data logs, running around D.C. dropping off bank deposits in the dense heat of summer and reorganizing moldy accounting books from the 1980s seemed rather doable, as long as I got my $8-an-hour paycheck at the end of week. But bathroom cleaning was where I drew the line.

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Column: Internship as a border warrior shows true scope of drug war

When I accepted a summer internship at the Narcotics Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Mexico I was naively underestimating the magnitude of Mexico’s precarious issue with organized crime. During my first day of work, as I walked into my office, I observed the amount of American personnel and resources devoted to narcotics issues in Mexico. It took me no time to realize that I was about to work in one of the most relevant divisions within the embassy.

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Editorial: Working for Free — The dilemma over unpaid internships

As millions of students return to school after a summer of building resumes and developing work experience, some wonder if they may have just had their last chance at an internship that would give them an extra edge after graduation.

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Column: Send the right message – Interview dress code

We all freak out on the day of a big interview about what to wear (well, at least us women do). An interviewee has so much on their mind before going to an interview. Bring references, get directions, research the company, bring portfolio and the mental list goes on and on.

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Column: Internships provide more than just a paycheck

Summer is consumed with sunny days, ice cream, family, barbeques, earning some extra cash and hopefully a little relaxation. Many college students across the country also spend their 12 weeks of freedom interning, with most of that time unpaid. Yes, unpaid. The concept seems silly.

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Newark Bears get needed help from NYU students

An internship in minor league baseball might not sound as prestigious as anything in the majors, but NYU senior Chase Kressel saw the value in one.

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Column: Beyond the language barrier

“So wait…you mean you’re not a medical student?” Though I’m inwardly groaning, I smile and nod at this tall, overdressed woman. She appears to be the substitute dietician, and she appears to know everything about me—from my name to the fact that my co-intern departed last week. I’ve never laid eyes on her before in my life.

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Column: Forever young

While I set up the shot for the final assignment of my internship I glance again at the sunset. As the sun dips below the New Jersey buildings across the Hudson and the sky dissolves from a dazzling orange into a dark starlit tapestry, I suddenly realize that I’ve hit the twilight of my summer vacation. It’s almost August. My internship is basically over. In a week I will be heading to Europe for one final summer adventure before school starts up again in the fall. After I complete this assignment, for the first time in a while, I will have absolutely nothing to do.

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