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The Rigged Market: A Review of Flash Boys

Under the cover of night, the firm Spread Networks was secretly laying an 827-mile fiber optic cable connecting Chicago and Northern New Jersey in the straightest line possible. The workers, who were told to keep quiet and avoid asking questions of their employer, ran the line under rivers and even through miles of hard rock [...]

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Fashion photography as a rising art form

One of my recent obsessions has been fashion photographers. I’m at the point where I need to begin establishing my fashion “favorites” ; designers, photographers, icons, etc, so I began to hunt. There are so many amazing fashion photographers that have passed through the 20th century, but some have stood out to me more than [...]

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Ballroom Director Lee Wakefield retires after 35 years

The artistic director for BYU’s Ballroom Dance Company announced his retirement at the end of the school year after directing the group for 35 years. Wakefield and his wife, Linda, have led the Ballroom Dance Company to fame and national championship awards. As they strive for excellence and professionalism, their efforts have helped build a nationally renowned ballroom program. [...]

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Spats to remain open, management to change

Despite recent reports of Spats’ impending closure, the restaurant’s doors will remain open, owner Andy Mitrelis confirmed to The Herald Monday night. Though Mitrelis declined to provide specific information about management changes, a female employee at Spats, who declined to provide her name, said the business came under new management about two months ago. Mitrelis [...]

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Monserez, Pole leading Florida volleyball defense

In 2012, Maddy Monserez did not start a single match.

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Dever launches task forces in third month as provost

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Out N Back moves to new location in Orem

***PUBLISH TO WEB*** OREM, Utah — Out N Back held a grand opening event on Saturday for their new store location, with a raffle giving away more than $4000 in outdoor gear to those in attendance. Out N Back recently moved further north on State Street in Orem, from their previous location on State Street near [...]

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Yakking it Up

(Photo by Dane Goodwin)   There’s a new app flooding onto students’ cellphones at the U. The app, called Yik Yak, has no login, no profiles and no passwords. People post anonymous observations about the world around them, which the app then groups with others within a 1.5-mile radius, with a specific group for the [...]

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USC has to clean up sloppy play

For Trojan fans, it’s going to be easy to look forward to ASU this weekend — but they shouldn’t let last Saturday’s game against Oregon State out of the rearview mirror just yet. The contest against the Beavers was the ugliest 35-10 win I’ve ever seen. Some of us will point to the 7:30 p.m. [...]

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Oregon football practice recap: New faces at quarterback and running back for Arizona to test Oregon defense

In spite of all the shortcomings Oregon’s defense has been exposed to through its first four games, the team remains untarnished and 4-0. However, keying on those inconsistencies in the defense’s game becomes especially thematic leading up to its Thursday night matchup with a team that amassed 482 yards last year in the Ducks’ 42-16 loss. “Unfortunately [...]

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