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Why We Should Pay Attention to MLB this Season

Baseball: America’s favorite pastime. Hot dogs and apple pie. You all grew up playing baseball; maybe your dad was even your coach. You played on a team whose name should have been in “Backyard Baseball” — Go Wombats! Maybe you were the kid chasing butterflies in the outfield, but you loved it anyway because at [...]

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Greek life taken off social probation for one day

Olivia Proffit Follow @ojproffit !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=”//”;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,”script”,”twitter-wjs”); Fraternities that participate in community service events on March 31 will be tentatively taken off social probation for the day, allowing them to host registered social events in the early evening. After Cesar Chavez Day, greek life will be put back on social probation until the Students Taking Action [...]

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Wellness referendum will create a healthier, more inclusive campus

Chaitanya Lall/Staff Elections aren’t all about our student politicians adding you on Facebook and following you to classes: It’s also a time for students to vote on important issues. From April 7-9, students will have a chance to vote on the upcoming wellness referendum, which seeks to address multiple health and wellness issues, including keeping [...]

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McElwain frustrated at lack of commitment at practice

Jim McElwain is the type of coach who wants to see his players give 100 percent each time they go out on the football field.

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MOVIE REVIEW: “Serena” is the cinematic equivalent of a car battery dying – Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star in an initially interesting character study that completely falls apart in it’s final act

Did you know Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have another movie out this weekend? Yeah, no one else did either. “Serena” was a film shot in 2012, right after Lawrence finished her work on the first film in “The Hunger Games” series. I’ve heard about “Serena” for quite some time now, from it’s initial filming [...]

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Q & A: Rick Caruso and the City of Los Angeles

“Rick Caruso, it’s a pleasure. I’ll be right with you, let me just get settled in my office,” Mr. Caruso said as he shook my hand in the lobby of Caruso Affiliated offices at The Grove in Mid-City Los Angeles. Stepping out of the elevator, he was returning from a business meeting and was stepping [...]

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Dystopian novels plague shelves, reflect real-life possibilities

On March 20, the second film in the “Divergent” trilogy, “Insurgent,” was released in U.S. theaters with about equal success to its predecessor and similar success to the arguable face of the genre, “The Hunger Games.” In fact, ever since the 2008 novel “The Hunger Games” was published, the dystopian genre saw an impressive rise [...]

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What Greek life often does and should continue to aspire to be

Troy Wilkinson Two fraternities have been suspended on two separate campuses in the past month, one due to racist chants and the other for sharing nude photos of women on a private Facebook page. Greek life should not suffer as a whole because of these types of incidents, nor should Greek life be thought of as inherently [...]

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Grad school growth puts U. identity into question

This article is part of the series 1,000 Days: Paxson’s Path This series will explore the first 1,000 days of Christina Paxson’s presidency. This story, the first of three, will look at the way her policies have affected the University’s identity.  As Christina Paxson’s P’19 presidency passes its thousandth day, a debate that has been [...]

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Death of Paris makes their mark on the Milestone

(photo courtesy of band Facebook) On April 1, electronic pop/rock band Death of Paris finishes off their tour with a big finale at the Milestone in Charlotte. “This will be the first time we’ve performed at the Milestone before, we’ve always seen it on the map when we’ve been in Charlotte, played a couple places [...]

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