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DIY curried sweet potato soup

Coming to you this week just in time for the rainy weekend (and the reminder that elsewhere in the world, they have seasons): a soup puree that I hope will make your tastebuds dance and your heart rejoice. Seriously, I make a vat of this and then refrigerate/freeze so I can eat it for a [...]

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Report: Research practices involving human subjects are problematic

By: Haley Hansen The University of Minnesota’s efforts to protect human subjects in research doesn’t consistently reflect best practices, a report released to the public Friday from an external review committee found. The report, which reviewed the University’s clinical research practices, follows over a decade of scrutiny after the 2004 death of University research subject [...]

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Why You Should Care About Net Neutrality

Before we all get too excited for March Madness, it’s time we divert all the energy — that for the last few weeks went toward arguing about the Super Bowl — to something a little off the beaten path for sports fans: net neutrality. Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed new net neutrality regulations [...]

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Dave’s Marketplace: Get to a sexier state

Note: This article is satirical. GQ Magazine’s “Man of the Year” award is one of the most coveted and respected honors that can befall any single man. More impressive than a Kids’ Choice Award and more sought after than first place in the Pinewood Derby race in Galveston, Texas, the “Man of the Year” award [...]

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Mormon Tabernacle Choir inducted into Classical Music Hall of Fame

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed Thursday, Feb. 25 for the American Choral Directors Association national conference and received more than just applause. The choir was inducted into the American Classical Music Hall of Fame before the concert began. The association’s executive director Tim Sharp made the announcement at the request of the Board of Directors of [...]

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Portrayals of Violence Abroad and Dehumanization at Home

Muslim worshippers gather inside Al-Masjid al-Nabawī in Medina, the second holiest site in Islam. In the late hours of Tuesday, February 11, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with news of a horrific and shocking story out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Three young people—Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad, and [...]

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Cultural clubs gather to celebrate Asian New Year

Gallery: Asian New Year ‘ jQuery(document).ready(function($) { if(typeof(mg_ajax_init) == “function” ) {mg_ajax_init(18808);}}); To celebrate the Asian New Year and showcase the vibrancy of Asian culture, the Asian Studies Initiative at Boston University partnered with multiple cultural groups to host an Asian New Year celebration Thursday. Approximately 300 students attended the celebration, which was held in Metcalf Ballroom in [...]

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Classifieds – February 27, 2015

The Daily Trojan features Classified advertising in each day’s edition. Here you can read, search, and even print out each day’s edition of the Classifieds. The post Classifieds – February 27, 2015 appeared first on Daily Trojan.

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Arts center concert a crowd pleaser

| Charles A. Ault reporter | PSU Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble’s first concert in the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts was a fanfare of music composition and position, last Thursday, Feb. 19. Trumpeters trumpeted from one balcony of the concert hall, trombonists tromboned from the other and the percussionists got to know the [...]

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The Interview with Micah Davis

Read More The post The Interview with Micah Davis appeared first on .

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