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Column: The paradoxical President

Four years after his Panglossian crusade for hope and change was slugged by the realities of a dysfunctional Washington, President Obama emerged reinvigorated from an arduous campaign and delivered a second inaugural address that boldly staked a progressive agenda for his second term.

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Editorial: Drone strikes on U.S. citizens in al-Qaida complex, but necessary tactic

America has been fighting against the terrorist organization al-Qaida since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and in May 2011 Osama bin Laden, the former leader of al-Qaida, was killed by Navy SEALs while hiding in a fortress in Pakistan. Bin Laden’s predecessors, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, Mustafa Abu al-Yazid and Abu Hafs al-Shariri were all killed by unmanned drone air strikes while in Pakistan.

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Column: United States’ fiscal house needs immediate repair

Averting the sequestration that looms like an iceberg dead ahead of the United States’ ship of state should be Congress’ next priority.

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Column: U.S. should stop sending foreign aid to North Korea

Everybody’s favorite international non-conformist is at it again. Recently North Korea announced it is taking a more aggressive approach to foreign policy by continuing to test nuclear weapons and long range rockets as part of its action against “the sworn enemy of the Korean people.”

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White House proposes compromise on contraceptives

The White House proposed a new compromise Friday regarding religious nonprofits and the mandated contraceptive coverage, a deal that would potentially allow Notre Dame to issue a health insurance plan to its employees without directly providing birth control coverage.

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Editorial: Make college more affordable through changes in paperwork

Out of all the complicated forms a student can expect to fill out, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, surely ranks among the most arduous of paper journeys upon which a student will have to embark.

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Column: Hagel’s stance on Israel clouds appointment of secretary of defense

Among the highly skeptical political appointments over the past month, Chuck Hagel’s appointment to the secretary of defense position has been the most controversial. Why is that?

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Hagel faces scrutiny on first hearing day

Hagel faces scrutiny on first hearing day

In sharp contrast to the speedy and near-unanimous Jan. 29 confirmation of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) for secretary of state, Georgetown professor and former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) faced a contentious first day of questioning Thursday at his hearing for secretary of defense.

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Column: Ineffectual tugs at heartstrings

Last week, President Barack Obama unveiled a set of proposals to reduce gun violence after a series of deadly mass shootings.

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Column: A case for concealed carry on campus

I understand some of my peers’ concerns regarding “guns on campus.” From my perspective, their opposition to concealed carry on campus is largely based on fear of further violence, a fear that has been largely misplaced but nonetheless capitalized on by gun control groups at the national level.

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