Column: Facebook app makes sex even easier

Ever wonder if that “poke” you got from a friend on Facebook was really more of an invitation for sex rather than a friendly “hello”?

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Column: To give is to receive – the skinny on oral sex

There is a definite imbalance between the male and female ideas of oral sex and whether it should be reciprocated. Many students I interviewed on the subject stated that the act was something that should have limitations imposed upon it and that it was something that is most commonly expected during a hook up.

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Column: Be honest during first time sex, enjoy it

Hey, it’s (insert name here) and I never told you, but I think it’s really awesome you took my virginity!”

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Can an open relationship work?

My girlfriend just brought up the idea of an “open” relationship. We are falling for each other, but she has hesitations about committing fully. I couldn’t imagine not being with her at all. Do you think an open relationship could work?

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Column: Sex ranks No. 1 when it comes to a fulfilling life

Breaking news here folks! A recent study discovered that sex/making love is the most pleasurable, meaningful, engaging and happy thing for people.

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Column: A Sex Ed reality check

We all know that teen pregnancy is a problem. But for most of us, it is a far-off threat, one that is confined to the glow of MTV’s “Teen Mom” on Tuesday nights.

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Column: Safe oral sex

Actually, you can contract STIs during unprotected oral sex — including HIV. There is a greater risk of becoming infected with HIV or another STI as the performer of oral sex than as the receiver, but there is still a risk as a receiver for both men and women.

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Column: The ‘friend zone’ isn’t too friendly

Misogyny crops up in all areas, but it’s becoming increasingly prevalent in college settings. It no longer appears to be outright, but instead blanketed underneath acceptable behavior, such as in things like the “friend zone.”

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Column: Usher — helping people get laid since 1997

There seems to be an age craze in American society. People can be heard regularly saying, “I only date younger women,” “I only date older men,” or vice versa.

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Racy scenes encourage greater sexual activity

Children who watch feature films with more racy scenes tend to engage in sex at a younger age, have more sexual partners and participate in more unsafe sex, according to a study by researchers in a Dartmouth College social health psychology lab and at the Geisel School of Medicine.

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