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TV review: Netflix show captures political drama

Netflix has done it again. First, it contributed to Blockbuster’s bankruptcy with on-demand DVDs and online streaming. Now, Netflix is gunning for network and cable television with its first original series, “House of Cards.”

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Column: Cybersecurity should be a priority

National security threats often invoke images of bombs, guns and invading military forces, but one of the most pressing threats to the United States involves none of these things.

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Column: Facebook app makes sex even easier

Ever wonder if that “poke” you got from a friend on Facebook was really more of an invitation for sex rather than a friendly “hello”?

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TV review: Netflix flirts with adding original series with Cards

It was the upload heard ’round the world: Last Friday, online television juggernaut Netflix made history by adding an entirely original series to its instant streaming service.

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Editorial: Let us unlock our phones

On Saturday, Jan. 26, it became official: It is now illegal to unlock your smartphone. Unlocking a smartphone frees it from the current carrier’s network, and enables it to communicate with other networks.

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Column: Renewable energy is essential

In a world full of technological advancements and exponentially growing populations, it’s no wonder the planet’s nonrenewable resources are being depleted at an alarming rate.

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Editorial: “Are you a jerk who wants to share your sexual conquests?”

If so, you’re in luck. There’s an app for that, one that TechCrunch has rated the “Douchebag App of the Year.”

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The way we react to Facebook shows we’re all horrible people

Seeing other people post on Facebook about how happy they are makes many of us envious and miserable, according to a study released on Tuesday by German researchers.

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Americans vote Twitter term #hashtag as word of the year

Caroline Stone compared hashtags to parentheses. “If we’re talking about writing … I would say this is honestly like a new type of punctuation,” said the 29-year-old U. Florida doctoral student in media studies.

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