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Justin Timberlake is bringing Myspace back

A sentence that once seemed implausible has now become a reality: I just signed into Myspace with my Facebook account.

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Column: Facebook usage fees leaves users ‘sore’

Soon, Facebook users may find themselves having to pay to get a message out to someone not on their friends list. In what appears to be yet another ridiculous attempt to generate revenue for Facebook, the social network is testing a new add-on to their messaging system that charges users.

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Column: Online piracy poses little risk to business

When 26-year-old computer programmer and political activist Aaron Swartz committed suicide last Friday, news of his death spread across the Internet with the same speed as the viral videos and the applications he had helped to produce.

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Study: Facebook decreases loneliness

In a recent study, a U. Arizona professor defended the benefits of Facebook and suggested that updating one’s status more often can reduce the feeling of loneliness.

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Netflix wins the right to share your rental history

While you were spending your winter break lazing around in your pajamas and watching the same season of a show for the fifth time in a row, Netflix was gearing up to change the federal law to make it possible for everyone to know you spent a month watching “Family Guy” or “Say Yes to the Dress.”

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Instagram revises revisions to terms of service after backlash

On Monday, the free photo-sharing service Instagram released an update to their terms of service and privacy policy that allowed them to use users’ photos for its advertising purposes without consent from or compensation for the picture-taker.

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Column: Facebook over-haul you didn’t hear about

Facebook is yet again undergoing an overhaul, except this time it’s not just a switch to Timeline. The proposed changes have to do with its privacy policy and terms of service, so they are much more important than any sort of superficial layout change, even if you can’t necessarily see them.

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Pope tweets to thousands of followers today

Believers and nonbelievers alike can now get their daily dose of Catholic teaching without stepping foot inside a church, as the pope is set to tweet for the first time today.

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Same-sex marriage issues reach U.S. Supreme Court

On Friday, Dec. 7, the U.S. Supreme Court announced its intentions to review the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8.

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