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Column: Overcoming culture shock in China

Column: Overcoming culture shock in China

Before I came to China for my semester abroad, my mentor, a local business owner in Florida and longtime friend, gave me two pieces of advice. No. 1: Think before you speak. No. 2: Keep an open mind.

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Travel restrictions limit study abroad options

As violent demonstrations erupted across the Middle East, security risks escalated and the U.S. Department of State issued travel warnings and alerts to several countries in the region.

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Column: My money ran off with a good time!

After my first week in France I rifled through my luggage, turned all my pockets inside out, and in a last vain, stupidly hopeful effort, searched between the pages of my books. Where did all my money go?

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Editorial: Obama’s efforts to allow students to travel to Cuba are extremely appropriate

President Obama recently accomplished one of the specific campaign promises he made with respect to the U.S.’s Cuba policy. He awarded Americans open rights to send money to and visit family in Cuba.

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Column: Back from Berlin with traces of time abroad

Arrival and departure times, gates and destinations flash across large screens as we walked into the Berlin airport lobby. It was 9 a.m. and two friends and I lugged 100 pounds of baggage that held my life as it was in Berlin: sweaters, postcards, posters, a souvenir bottle of Club-Mate (a caffeinated drink), nine biersteins (for friends), a map of the city to hang on my wall.

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American tourists considered among worst in world

Americans identify themselves as the worst tourists, with about 39 percent admitting they stole something from hotels and 66 percent reporting they check their email and cell phone while on vacation, according to a recent LivingSocial survey.

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Harvard students dispute Israeli detainment

After 55 Harvard students were briefly placed in custody by Israeli security personnel last week, students involved in the incident and a diplomatic representative disputed the border police’s reported reason for detaining the students’ bus.

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Texas DPS: Avoid Mexico for spring break

The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Baylor Police Department urge students to avoid going to Mexico for spring break because of the increased violence in the country.

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Travel warning for Mexico doesn’t deter student plans

Travel warning for Mexico doesn’t deter student plans

The State Department’s latest travel warning about Mexico comes just in time for spring break, but it may not have much of an impact on some students’ plans.

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