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Column: Immerse yourself when studying abroad

I spent last weekend in Florence, Italy — home to Michelangelo’s “Davide,” Botticelli’s “Primavera,” and Brunelleschi’s awe-inspiring dome. But what stuck with me from that trip wasn’t the art.

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Department of State warns tourists of violence in Mexico

In a travel warning issued Feb. 8, the U.S. Department of State officially notified American travelers that an ongoing war between violent drug gangs and Mexican government forces, has led to an alarming increase of gun battles, kidnappings, car-jackings and disappearances.

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Flaring debt crisis violence affects study abroad students, tourists

Kaylee Roupas watched from a mountaintop in Greece as thousands of citizens filled the streets of Athens. She watched as businesses were vandalized and burned. She watched as bombs and flares flashed and exploded.

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Column: Homesickness settles in Morocco

Homesickness did not hit until I woke up Sunday morning, knowing I was going to throw up camel meat in a matter of seconds.

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Arrivederci Italy, merhaba Jordan

Arrivederci Italy, merhaba Jordan

For the last five months I’ve been living and studying in Florence, Italy, which is one of the most popular study-abroad locations for American students.

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Column: College is the time to travel abroad

College is the time to be curious. We need to take advantage of our time and embark on an adventure before we lose that chance.

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New Yorkers ranked as rudest

Travel + Leisure magazine released the results of its annual online survey last week, and New York City won the title of rudest city in America.

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Study shows students drink more while studying abroad

Study shows students drink more while studying abroad

In college, students have almost unlimited possibilities and freedoms as they break away from adolescence and become adults while gaining their degree, but those under the age of 21 still cannot legally drink alcohol in the United States.

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Obama loosens visa requirements

Obama loosens visa requirements

International students will face fewer barriers to studying in the United States because of a recent effort by President Barack Obama to simplify visa applications.

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