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Column: Obama’s manufacturing solution

For the past four years, Americans have been waiting for the solution to the economy they thought would have come sooner.

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Column: Who’s in bed with whom?

While researching for her biography All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, Paula Broadwell spent months in Afghanistan with General Petraeus, then-commander of the International Security Assistance Force, to fully understand America’s most prominent general of the last decade.

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Column: Retired Pope, brighter future

Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement Monday, becoming the first Pope in nearly 600 years to take such a step. The announcement was met with widespread and wide-ranging emotions across the US, with virtually every news outlet providing a story on the event.

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Column: Are you there, God? It’s me, common sense

President Obama had the misfortune of the entire nation seeing his face become more and more pinched and constipated-looking during Dr. Benjamin Carson’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast this past week.

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Column: How we work together

How do we work together? That seems to me to be the question for this new year. We’ve certainly spent more than enough time learning how to disagree.

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Column: A call for capital gains tax reform

Despite our 2012 presidential debates devolving into mud-slinging over the intricacies of each candidate’s tax plan, the conversation stemming from the election did little to advance tax policy in the United States.

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Column: Cybersecurity should be a priority

National security threats often invoke images of bombs, guns and invading military forces, but one of the most pressing threats to the United States involves none of these things.

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Column: The paradoxical President

Four years after his Panglossian crusade for hope and change was slugged by the realities of a dysfunctional Washington, President Obama emerged reinvigorated from an arduous campaign and delivered a second inaugural address that boldly staked a progressive agenda for his second term.

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Column: United States’ fiscal house needs immediate repair

Averting the sequestration that looms like an iceberg dead ahead of the United States’ ship of state should be Congress’ next priority.

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Column: Facebook app makes sex even easier

Ever wonder if that “poke” you got from a friend on Facebook was really more of an invitation for sex rather than a friendly “hello”?

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