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The Changing Face of the Fashion Industry is on YouTube

ALM (or aLine Media) is a new media first PR firm that is looking at social media celebrities to be the fashion spokeswomen of tomorrow. Coming in at #2 on our list of most popular public relations firms on social [...]

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From Awareness to Advocacy: How Text100 Leads Audiences on a Journey

This week, we heard from Jeremy Woolf, Senior Vice President and Global Digital/Social Media Lead at Text100 who came in at #16 on our list of the top PR firms on social media this year. Jeremy gave us some insight into [...]

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Interview with Natasha Koifman of NKPR

As social media has become an increasingly important part of public relations, most of the best firms out there have learned to adjust. NKPR is no exception, and that’s probably why they landed at number 15 on our list of the top [...]

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How One “Familia” at República Sets Them Apart

This week, we got the chance to hear more from the 20th most popular PR firm on social media, República. Like many of the top firms on our list, you’ll see that they emphasize an individualized approach, and work to [...]

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Audible Treats: Social Media Music for Your Ears

Photo by Alexander Richter, used with permission from Audible Treats The music industry has embraced social media more than almost any other, so it should come as no surprise that Audible Treats has a worthy presence on social media. In fact, they [...]

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No Two Campaigns are Alike: rbb Public Relations and Social Media

With the #19 spot on our list of the top PR firms on social media, we were excited to hear what rbb Public Relations could tell us about how they find success through social media campaigns. Rather than have just [...]

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Learning from BLAZE PR’s Social Media Approach

After publishing our annual list of the most popular public relations firms on social media last month, we decided to follow up with some of the companies on the list to find out more about how they manage social media [...]

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Top 25 Public Relations Firms on Social Media in 2013

Public relations is a quickly changing field, and little in technology has had as much impact on the industry as social media has. A decline in print journalism, broadcast radio, and even television has shaken the PR world, but public [...]

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5 PR Lessons We Can Learn From Star Trek

Okay, I have to admit, I’ve been watching a fair amount of Star Trek lately. Every time a new movie comes out, I get inspired to go back and watch some of my favorite episodes in the original series, the [...]

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