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  • Marketing Focus: What Millennial College Students Value

    Each new generation of people encompasses certain characteristics and holds different core values dear depending on what they find important and meaningful. Millennials are no different when it comes to valuing specific things in life as compared to other generations.

  • How to Market Your Startup to College Students

    Do you have an awesome startup you want college students to know about? Here are some ways to market your startup to college students. 1. Get on campus One of the best ways to spread news to college students is through word of mouth. Get on college campuses and start talking about your startup.

  • 4 Ways to Craft College Press Release Titles

    Ah, the supreme mystery and intricacies of the college student mind, like a twisting and turning, unknown labyrinth. Grabbing college students’ attention depends on your understanding of their needs, wants, and deepest desires – as well as a catchy press release title.

  • The Multimedia Elements Students Want to See in Your Press Release

    As a child, which books did you prefer to read: the heavy text-laden tomes or the colorful, bright, and fun stories filled mostly with pictures and interactive elements? More than likely, your eye caught the pages of the latter. The same is true today.

  • 8 Words College Students Respond To

    College students represent a vastly unique group of people from different backgrounds, values, and belief systems. However, there are a few things college students can agree on, such as the importance of saving time and money.

  • 3 Ways to Get Your Name in Front of College Students

    Your mission: to capture and hold the attention of college students everywhere. This generation of college student millennials likes to spend money on items or brands they appreciate and connect to. However, before they can buy the product, they need to know you exist!

  • 3 Ways an Intern Can Help You Reach College Students

    Do you have a product or service that is perfect for college students, but lack the best way to market to this audience? Here is some simple advice: why not ask one of them?

  • College Marketing: 3 Things That Matter to a Millennial

    College students prove a difficult market to target when you do not understand what they need and desire. To sell a product, you need knowledge about your audience, as the more you know, the more effective marketing strategies you can create.

  • 5 PR Strategies To Steal From “Once Upon A Time”

    Season 6 of the ABC fantasy-drama "Once Upon a Time" debuted on Sept. 25, bringing new stories, characters and themes into the mix. As I watched the premiere episode, I started thinking back on the show's recurring themes and how they proved eerily similar to public relations.